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Database / artillery  / 2s9 nona / 2s23 nona-svk self-propelled gun

2s9 Nona / 2s23 Nona-SVK Self-propelled Gun

Total number (active): ~ 278

Used in:
delivered 2010 to VDV

2s1 Gvozdika Self-Propelled Howitzer | M109A6 Paladin Self Propelled Howitzer
546 546 1594 1594
2s19 Msta-S 152 mm self-propelled howitzer | M109A6 Paladin Self Propelled Howitzer
468 468 1594 1594
2s3 Akatsia Self-Propelled Howitzer | M109A6 Paladin Self Propelled Howitzer
931 931 1594 1594
* where available

Table 2. MOD Commands and Deployments

  155 OBRMP Vladivostok Coastal Troops EAST

# 30926. 155 Detached Brigade of Naval Infantry. Address: Vladivostok, Snegovaya street, 31. ex 55th marines div. 2000: 2500 pers. 106,165,390 (# 36324) rgt, 84 bn, 921 arty rgt, 923 ad rgt, 263 msl bn, 1484 comm bn. 10.2007 comd staff trainings. 2007 commander: Maj Gen Vitaly Pushkin. 04.2008 trainings. 165, 106 rgt took part in Chechen war 01-05.1995. Fought for Groznyy, captured several points incl "Minutka" square. 03.1995 Group "North", captured Argun, Mesker-Yurt, Shali, Gudermes. 05.1995 in mountains near Shali. 06.1995 captured Vedeno. Chechen campaign losses: 34 killed. 106 rgt: fought near Agishti, Shali, Dachu-Borzoi, captured Kirov-Yurt. Chechen campaign losses: ?30 killed. 06.2004 took part in "Mobility-2004" exercises in Far East. 12.2006 commander col Valery Oleinikov faired from commander's rank for "dedovschina" case between marines of 390 rgt (rgt commander also faired). 2007: 106 marines rgt disbanded. 10.2008 comd staff exercises Stabilnost'-2008. ex-55 marines div till 03.?2009. 04.2009 field exercises. 04.2010 landing exercises. 04.2011 exercises at Desantnaya harbour. Field exercises of arty units. 09.2011 landing exercises near Kamchatka. 07.2012 comd staff exercises. 11.2012 visited by MoD minister Shoigu.

  61 OPMP Sputnik Coastal Troops NOR

# 38643. 61 Detached Kirkiness Red Banner Regiment of Naval Infantry. Address: 184411, Murmansk distr, Pechenga, Sputnik. ex 61 detached marines bde. 2000: 874, 875 rgt, 876 cdo bn. 1270 pers., 74 T-80B, 59 BTR-80, 12 2s1, 22 2s9, 11 2s23, 134 MT-LBT. 07.2007 comd.staff exercises. 876 cdo bn took part in Chechen war. 01.1995 fought for Groznyy, captured sniper's school, losses 26 killed/MIA incl 11 sgts, 2 commanders. 3rd company captured Dudaev's palace. 02.1995 Group "North". 10.1999 Group "East". Chechen campaign losses: 27 killed/MIA. 02.2004 took part in exercises in NOR. ?company (commander cpt Dmitry Belyy) 06.2004 took part in "Mobility-2004" exercises in Far East. 07.2008 tactical exercises. 02.2009 field exercises. 03.2011 exercises jointly with recce units of 200th det mot bde. 04.2011 field arty exercises, jumpings from An-26. 09.2011 landing exercises. 2013: forming back to bde in 2014.

  108 GV DShP Novorossyysk 7 DShDG SOUTH

# 42091. 108 Guard Kuban Cossack cdo airborne regiment. Address: Krasnodar distr, Novorossyysk, Anapskoe shosse, 66B. 2000: 1602 pers., 39 BMD-2, 70 BMD-1, 35 BTR-D, 19 2s9 Nona, 7 BMD-1KSh, 9 BTR-RD, 13 BTR-ZD. 03.2007 military exercises jointly with Novorossyysk Naval base. 05.2007 constructed two new barracks for contract service soldiers. 08.2008 took part in war in South Osetia. 09.2008 60th anniversary. 04.2011 exercises- 1500 soldiers, 100 vehicles.

  247 DShP Stavropol 7 DShDG SOUTH

# 54801. 247 Guard Red Banner cdo regiment. Address: Stavropol, Serova street, 533. Formed from 21 separate cdo bde. 1583 pers., 72 BMP-2, 36 BTR-80, 26 BTR-D, 18 Nona, 13 BTR-ZD, 9 BTR-RD. Ex-commander col Yury Em. 11.1999 -05.2000 took part in Chechen war: Group "East", Novogroznenskyy. Chechen campaign losses: 17? Killed/MIA. 07.2007 comd.staff exercises. 08.2008 took part in war in South Ossetia.

  1141 GV AP Anapa 7 DShDG SOUTH

# 40515. 1141 artillery regiment. Address: Krasnodar distr, Anapa. 2000: 598 pers., 18 Nona, 12 D-30, 5 BTR-D, 9 BTR-RD. 08.2008 took part in war in South Ossetia. 03.2009 arty field trainings.

  810 OBRMP Sevastopol Coastal Troops SOUTH

# 13140. 810 Detached Brigade of Naval Infantry. Address: Sevastopol, Kazach'ya. 881(882) cdo bn. 1088 pers., 46 BTR-80, 52 BMP, 18 2s1, 6 2s9, 28 MT-LB. 9.05.2003 400 soldiers took part in V-day parade in Moscow. 2003 rgt commander: lt.-cln Dmitry Kraev. 09.2003 881 bn - landing trainings in Crimea. 03.2004 took part in military exercises in BLS. 07.2006: comd-staff trainings, descent operation exercises at Opuk (Ukraine). 2006 commander col Eduard Zhivaev. 11.2007 celebrated its 40th anniversary. 07.2008 Kavkaz-2008 exercises. 09.2008 field trainings. 02.2009 810 rgt reformed to bde. 02.2009 antiterror exercises. 03.2009 descent cdo bn exercises at Opuk. 04.2010 landing exercises at Abkhazia. 03.2011 exercises at Opuk, Gvozdika firings. 2011 commander: col Vladimir Belyavsky. 05.2011 took mountaing trainings in South Ossetia. 07.2011 tactical exercises at Opuk. 09.2011 commad staff exercises jointly with 7th cdo airborne bde. 07.2012 field exercises. 09.2012 got ADS from disbanded 1096 AD rgt.. 2015-2016 war in Syria of bn group.

  727 det marines bn Astrakhan Coastal Troops SOUTH

# 20264. #20264. from ex 77 separate marines bde. 04.2011 tactical exercises.

  414 det marines bn Kaspyysk Coastal Troops SOUTH

# 95152. from ex 77 separate marines bde. 04.2011 tactical exercises. 09.2011 arty trainings.

  104 GV DShP Pskov 76 DShD WEST

# 32515. 104 Guard Red Banner Order Kutuzov cdo regiment. Address: Pskov distr, Cherekha, Inzhenernaya, 18. Operations: 1989-1990 Tbilisi, Osh, Fergana, Pridnestrovie, 1992-1993 South Ossetia. 1554 pers., 31 BMD-3, 20 BMD-2, 51 BMD-1, 34 BRT-D, 12 Nona, 13 BTR-ZD, 6 BTR-RD, 6 BMD-1KSh. 10.1999 took part in Chechen war, Zone "East" 11.1999 fought for Gudermes. 29.02-1.03.2000 during heroic defence in Chechnya 6th company (commander bn lt.col Evtyukhin) was destroyed, killed 400+ terrorists, lost 83 (of total 86) persons (13 officers) near Ulus-Kert. 07.2003- 02.2004 two bns in Checnya: 220 combat operations, killed 30 terrorists incl 3 field commanders, destroyed 25 arms warehouses. 09.2006 comd staff exercises. 08.2008 cdo bn took part in war in South Ossetia. Losses: 3?killed. 05.2010 take part in parade in Minsk devoted to V-day.

  234 GV PDP Pskov 76 DShD WEST

# 74268. 234 Guard Black Sea airborne regiment. 2000: 1601 pers., 98 BMD-1, 32 BTR-D, 18 Nona, 12 BTR-ZD, 6 BTR-RD, 5 BMD-1KSh. 09.2006 comd staff exercises jointly with 8th belirussian cdo bn. 08.2007 landing trainings. 08.2008 took part in war in South Ossetia.

  1140 AP Pskov 76 DShD WEST

# 45377. 1140 Guard Red Banner artillery regiment. 2000: 598 pers., 18 2s9 Nona, 12 D-30, 3 BTR-ZD, 14 BTR-RD, 1 BMD-1KSh. 07.2007 arty trainings. 08.2007 landing trainings. 03.2009 arty field trainings.

  217 GV PDP Ivanovo 98 VDD WEST

# 62295. 217 Guard Order Kutuzov airborne regiment. 2000: 1555 pers., 109 BMD-1, 32 BTR-D, 18 Nona, 11 BTR-ZD, 6 BTR-RD, 7 BMD-1KSh, 1 BMD-1R. 06.2007 landing trainings. 10.2007 celebrated its 49th anniversary. 08.2008 took part in war in South Ossetia. Losses: 1?killed. 09.2009 ZAPAD-2009 exercises.

  331 GV PDP Kostroma 98 VDD WEST

# 71211. 331 Guard airborne regiment. 2000: 1555 pers., 102 BMD-1, 33 BTR-D, 18 Nona, 15 BTR-ZD, 6 BTR-RD, 5 BMD-1KSh, 1 BMD-1R. Commander: col Nikolai Mayorov, awarded by President Putin as Hero of Russia in 2000. 10.1999-03.2000 took part in Chechen war, Zone "East". 09.05.2006 took part in V-day parade in Moscow.06.2007 awarded by Red Pennant by Pres Putin. 08.2008 took part in war in South Ossetia. 05.2010 take part in V-day parade in Moscow.

  1065 AP Kostroma 98 VDD WEST

# 62297. 1065 Guard Red Banner artillery regiment. 2000: 598 pers., 18 Nona, 12 D-30, 3 BTR-ZD, 15 BTR-RD, 2 BMD-1KSh. 07.2007 arty trainings. 08.2008 took part in war in South Ossetia. 03.2009 arty field trainings. Delivered 2S25 Sprut-SD? 06.2010 VDV arty conference.

  51 GV PDP Tula 106 VDD WEST

# 33842. 51 Guard Red Banner Order Suvorov airbone regiment. 2000: 1555 pers., 93 BMD-1, 32 BTR-D, 18 Nona, 13 BTR-ZD, 6 BTR-RD, 2 BMD-1KSh, 1 BMD-1R. 2000 took part in Chechen war, near Elistanzhi (Vedeno). 23.04.2000 attacked by rebels near Serzhen-Yurt. 11.2006 renamed to 51 airborn rgt "Dmitry Donskoy". 2009: to 7 airborne div, turned back

  137 GV PDP Ryazan 106 VDD WEST

# 41450. 137 Guard Kuban Cossack Order Red Star airbone regiment. Formed 1948. 1561 pers., BMD-4, 32 BMD-3, 70 BMD-2, 10 BMD-1, 38 BTR-D, 19 Nona, 13 BTR-ZD, 6 BTR-RD, 7 BMD-1KSh, 1 BMD-1R. 02.2006 descent bn exersises. 09.2006 comd staff exercises. 04.2008 ceremony of new pennant. 10.2008 60th anniversary. 2009: to 98 airborne div, turned back

  1182 AP Naro-Fominsk 106 VDD WEST

# 93723. 1182 Guard Artillery Regiment. Address: Moscow distr, Naro-Fominsk. Earlier in Efremov. 2000: 598 pers., 18 2s9 Nona, 12 D-30, 4 DTR-D, 13 BTR-RD, 2 BMD-1KSh. 07.2007 arty trainings. 03.2009 arty field trainings. 2009: to VDV CINC. 06.2009 new rgt banner.

  336 OBRMP Baltyysk Coastal Troops WEST

# 06017. 336 Detached Guard Belostok Order Suvorov Order Alexandr Nevsky Brigade of Naval Infantry. Address: Kaliningrad distr, Baltyysk. 877,878 rgt, 879 cdo bn. 2000: 1157 pers., 26 T-72, 131 BTR-80, 24 2s1, 22 2s9, 59 MT-LB. 09.2007 fleet comd.staff exercises. 879 cdo bn took part in Chechen war: ex-commander maj Alexander Darkovich. 01.1995 fought for Groznyy, captured "green district". 02.1995 Group "West", captured hospital. Chechen campaign losses: 47 killed/MIA. 09.05.2006 took part in V-day parade in Moscow. 07.2006: comd-staff trainings, descent operation exercises at Khmelevka. 2009 - 134 BTR, 18 ARTY, 12 2S9, 9 Konkurs, 18 Fagot, 9 Shilka, 10 S-10, 45 Igla. 09.2010 descent operation exercises at Khmelevka. 10.2011 tactical exercises during MD inspection. 2012 commander: colonel Yury Boichenko. 06.2012 air landings.

D./Weight (tons): 14,5
Speed (km/h): 60
Crew: 4
Dimensions (mm): 2'495 x 7'400 x 2'900
M./Engine: similar to BTR-80
Fuel capacity (L): similar to BTR-80
Range (km): similar to BTR-80
Armament: 1 x 120 mm gun V= 560 m/sec; r: 8- 10 r/m/m Range: 1,72 (0,4 mines)- 8,8- 12.8 km
rate of fire: 10; ammo=30; vert: -4 to +80 degr; horiz.: +-30
HE-Frag (3VOF49)
HE-Frag laser-guided how
HE-RAP how
HE-Frag how
Illumination mtr
Smoke (WP) mtr
Incendiary mtr
Chemical mtr
Flechette how


Airborne Troops (VDV)
CINC -- Gen Vladimir Shamanov. Ex (4.05.2009) CINC --Lt Gen Valery Evtukhovich. Ex-CINC Colonel General Alexander Kolmakov, Airborne Troops, Commander since 8 September 2003. MOD data: "Born on 31 July 1955 in Kaliningrad, Moscow region, Alexander Kolmakov was educated at Ryazan Higher ...[+]

Total number of marines in 2004: 7500. In 1989 coastal troops and marines were merged into coastal troops. Thus from the management point of view, marines were part of Coastal troops - structure under command of Navy, also included coastal artillery and ASM brigades, security and defence ...[+]


120mm HIGH EXPLOSIVE ANTITANK ROUND This round is designed to defeat tanks and lightly armored materiel. The projectile body is provided with ready rifling grooves. Caliber, mm 120 Weight, kg 13.2 Firing range, m 40 - 1,000 Penetration of homogeneous armor, m at least 0.6 120mm HIGH EXPLOSIVE FRAGMENTATION ...[+]

The NONA-SVK Self-propelled Gun is intended to engage artillery means, manpower, light armoured targets, missile launchers and command posts. The gun is mounted on the chassis of the BTR-80 Armoured Personnel Carrier and retains its basic mobility characteristics. The distinctive feature of the NONA-SVK is the 120-mm 2A60 Rifled Semi-Automatic Gun mounted on the rotating turret.

The gun is capable of delivering aimed direct and indirect fire employing HE 120-mm Russian-made projectiles, and mines of both Russian and NATO standards. Consequently, the gun constitutes a hybrid of a howitzer and mortar that can provide fire support for mechanised infantry sub-units in all types of combat. The auxiliary weapon set comprises a 7.62-mm machine gun mounted on the turret roof, a smoke-screen system, as well as sighting and night-vision devices. Specialists throughout the world appreciate the need to equip high mobility combat units (paratroops, airmobile and naval infantry) with a powerful artillery system that can correspond to ways of their shipment and mobility in terms of their marching and maneuvering characteristics. Such systems had been developed in some


countries, however, a dramatic breakthrough was achieved by Russian designers of the Precision Mechanical Engineering Central Research Institute (TsNIITochMash). Jointly with a number of design bureaus, institutes and plants TsNIITochMash created the Nona-S (2S9) unique, completely armored, breech-loaded artillery system with a filter-ventilated unit.

This artillery system was mounted on the chassis of the BTRD updated airdropped tracked armored personnel carrier. This engineering solution was prompted by the need to drop the artillery system together with the BMD airborne combat vehicles. Primarily, it allowed these artillery systems to be dropped together with BMDs via jet parachute systems, with the crews inside the vehicles. Also, this solution facilitated their joint combat use, owing to the availability of the tracked chassis and armor plating.

TsNII TochMash's designers developed a new design-ballistic concept "cannon - round" which stood out owing to the use of ammunition with ready-made grooves on the driving band of the projectile.Constructionally, the round intended for breech-loaded cannons and mortars consists of an explosive charge in the form of a cartridge arranged on the cannon primer, with the diaphragm in its rear part resting on the tapered part of the barrel before firing. On the front part of the cartridge, the primer has elements of the locking device and the projectile with a fuze. Before firing, an explosive charge and projectile are coupled via the locking device to form a fixed round convenient for loading.


The artillery part of the system incorporates the following new elements required for firing separate loading ammunitions:

- a breechblock with plastic obturator that rams the round into the cannon barrel, which is locked by the wedge at the firing moment;

- a special configuration of the breech piece that provides for loading both modern ammunitions and finned shells;

- the use of compressed air fed from the chassis compressor to ram the round during the loading and scavenging the barrel after each shot.

The engineering improvements of the artillery part and ammunitions incorporated in the Nona-S self-propelled cannon were so successful that it was decided to continue projects to create other derivative artillery systems.

Today, Russian Armed Forces operate the following artillery systems:
- Nona-S (2S9) self-propelled tracked armored amphibious airdropped cannon ;
- Nona-SVK (2S23) self-propelled wheeled armored amphibious cannon;
- Nona-K (2B16) light towed cannon.


Apart from the aforementioned cannons the Nona-M semi-automatic breech-loaded mortar was developed (experimental pilot).

All these systems are unified:
- use similar ammunitions;
- have rifled barrels with a similar rifling configuration;
- are breech-loaded;
- fire both specially developed ammunitions with high-explosive fragmentation (HEF) projectile and HEF active-reactive projectile that features ready-made grooves on the driving bands and all ammunitions intended for 120mm mortars. Ammunitions made in Russia, Germany, France, Israel, Spain and China were also tested.

The Nona cannon is unrivaled in the world in terms of all factors determining the combat efficiency of an artillery system, including minimum and maximum firing range, stable and high consistency of fire to engage ground and air targets, sighting rate and mode of fire, powerful lethality of fragmentation and high explosive ammunitions and high maneuverability in terms of trajectories.

The Kitolov-2 guided projectile with HEF warhead and 9-km firing range is being developed for Nona cannons.

The artillery systems are identical in terms of the breech loading and ammunition ramming into the barrel. Self-propelled guns use a pneumatic drive for these purposes.


The round with highly lethal HEF projectile and propellant charge arranged on the loading device is the main ammunition intended for Nona cannons. Prior to firing a shot, the HEF projectile and propellant charge are coupled to form a fixed round convenient for loading at one cycle.

The cannon's rate of fire is 10 rounds per minute and that of the mortar is 8 to 9 rounds per minute.

The main round, designated 30F49, features a powerful fragmentation and high explosive effect. During its explosion the round produces over 3,500 fragments weighing from 0.5 to 15 grams that scatter at an average speed of 1,800 m/s.

The round fragments can penetrate an 8 mm thick armor plate at 15-20 meters from the explosion point and 12-14 mm thick armor plate at 7-10 meters. For armor plates made from light alloys the thickness penetrated is 2.5-3 times greater.

When the round is fitted with an impact fuze, it produces during the explosion a crater 2 meters deep and 5 meters in diameter in soil of average density.

The Nona-M mortar is the lightest artillery system from developed cannons that features one more advantage: in 2-3 minutes three skilled crew members can disassemble the mortar into four parts, each weighing no more than 100 kg, making it suitable to be carried by the crew. Reassembly takes the same amount of time.

This advantage allows the crew to carry the mortar to places inaccessible to self-propelled wheeled cannons, thereby enhancing its surprise combat use. The Nona-M mortar's improved maneuverability provides for its deployment on firing positions inaccessible to other types of artillery systems.


2s9 Nona / 2s23 Nona-SVK Self-propelled Gun image #313

2s9 Nona / 2s23 Nona-SVK Self-propelled Gun image #2022

2s9 Nona / 2s23 Nona-SVK Self-propelled Gun image #2198



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