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Main battle tank on a platform of Armata, is in development by UralVagonZavod since 2010 . According to various sources , the tank is a symbiosis of developments of T- 90AM/MS , T-95 and T- 80UM2 on a single track platform Armata . Features: - Uninhabited remote-operated turret with low silhouette - Capsule crew accommodation in the anti-explosion module with armoring - New automatic ... [+]

T-72 MBT

By the mid 1960s the second postwar generation tanks superseded the medium and heavy tanks that had been developed on the basis of the war experience. The T-72 family tanks are the most typical and wide-spread representatives of this generation. The design work on their development was started in 1967 at the Urals Carriage Making Plant Tank Design Bureau under the supervision of L. ... [+]

T-80 MBT

T-80 is accepted in service in a 1976. Tank uses the same 125-mm gun and horizontal ammunition system as the T-72, though the fire control system is an improvement over that fitted to earlier Soviet tanks. The BK-29 round, with a hard penetrator in the nose is designed for use against reactive armor, and as an MP round has fragmentation effects. The more recent BK-27 HEAT round offers a ... [+]

T-90 MBT

The T-90S Russian battle tank embodies advanced scientific solutions and in terms of its combat and technical characteristics is not inferior to the best foreign tanks, rather, it outdoes them in some parameters. By the early-1990s, the Uralvagonzavod State Production Association had developed and put into series production the T-90S new-generation Russian gun-missile tank, ... [+]


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