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The Urals Transport Machinery Design Bureau Federal State Unitary Enterprise and the Uralvagonzavod Production Association State Unitary Enterprise demonstrated for the first time a new tank support combat vehicle (Russian acronym BMPT) at the 2nd Urals Exhibition of Armaments and Military Equipment held recently in Nizhni Tagil (Sverdlovsk Region, Russia). The concept of such a unique combat vehicle was conceived long ago, however its implementation was delayed.

In 1997, the BTR-T heavy armored personnel carrier, developed on the basis of the T-55 battle tank, was demonstrated at the Exhibition of Armaments and Military Equipment in Omsk (Russia). Now, drawing on experience gained operating armored vehicles in local conflicts, designers have developed the BMPT combat vehicle on the basis of the most mass-produced T-72 battle tank. The combat vehicle features armor protection equal to that of the battle tank and powerful armament capable of neutralizing and defeating antiarmor-capable targets and manpower, and operates in a common battle formation.These features help significantly increase combat effectiveness of tank units and decrease their losses from enemy close-combat assets.

The BMPTís hull is the same as that of the T-72 battle tank. It is provided with explosive reactive armor (ERA) on the frontal armor plate, ERA-applied screens to protect side plates, as well as grilled shields to protect the hull rear. The welded turret is provided with a filler and built-in ERA.

The distinguishing feature of the BMPT combat vehicle is its low-profile turret mounted on a tank chassis. The turret is equipped with up-to-date weapons for defeating antiarmor-capable targets and enabling tanks to advance, leaving close antiarmor-capable targets for the BMPT to take care of. The BMPT crew consists of five men.

The BMPT armament can effectively defeat both lightly armored ground and aerial targets and heavily armored tank-type ground targets.

Its main armament consists of the 30mm 2A42 automatic gun and coaxially-mounted AG-30 or AGS-17A grenade launcher stabilized in two planes, and the Kornet ATGM system provided with a semiautomatic jamproof laser-guided system.

The commanderís and gunnerís workstations are equipped with identical PNK ranging sights enabling the commander and the gunner to effectively fire all types of weapons from both commanderís and gunnerís workstations.

The BMPT is additionally armed with two AG-30 grenade launchers or two 7.62mm PKTM machine guns with an electromechanical drive and a day/night sight combined with the Agat-MR optronic sight. The additional weapons are arranged on fenders.

The turret-mounted 7.62mm machine gun provided with an electromechanical drive and the PNK sight serves as an auxiliary weapon. The BMPT has a built-in dozer equipment for digging in. The vehicle can be equipped with the KMT-8 treadway mine plow and the EMT electromagnetic device.

A diesel-electric set rated at 5 kW is installed in an armored compartment on the right fender.

The crew compartment is equipped with a system providing for crew protection against NBC weapons. It is also equipped with an automatic quick-operation two-discharge fire extinguishing system.

The System 902A automatic smoke grenade launching system serves as a camouflage means.

Modernization of the T-72-type battle tanks into the BMPT combat vehicle can change tactics of combat actions and significantly increase fighting efficiency of tank units.

We hope that this project will attract attention of potential partners and buyers of armor materiel. 04.2010 R&D, project closed (Popovkin)


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