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Database / ifv and apc  / btr-80 /82a

BTR-80 /82A

Total number (active): ~ 1292
M113A1 APC (~20000)  Compare
Used in:
+100 in 2007, ?+200 2008-2009

BMD-2 | M113A1 APC
849 849 20000 20000
BMP-1 | M113A1 APC
658 658 20000 20000
BMP-2 | M113A1 APC
1974 1974 20000 20000
BMP-3 | M2/M3A3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle Systems
616 616 1602 1602
BTR-70 Armored Personnel Carrier | M113A1 APC
95 95 20000 20000
BTR-80 /82A | M113A1 APC
1292 1292 20000 20000
* where available

Table 2. MOD Commands and Deployments

  15 OMSBR Roschinskyy 2 A CENTER

# 90600. 15 Detached Guard mot rifle Berlin Red Banner Order Kutuzov Brigade. Address: 443539, Samara distr, Roschinskyy. ex-589 ind mot rgt. 2005: 100% contract service. 04.2008 visited by Japanese MoD minister. 08.2008 one unit took part in war in South Ossetia. Planned staff 2009: 2B14 Podnos- 18, 82 mm 2B9 Vasilek – 9, 9A33BM2(3) Osa – 12, 9A34(35) Strela-10 – 6, 2S6M Tunguska – 6. 41(82) T-72BM*, 130 BTR-70M. 4393? Pers, 327 officers, 1005 sgts

  3 OBRSpN Tolyatti Central Military District CENTER

# 21208. 3 Detached Guard Warsaw-Berlin red Banner Order Suvorov Brigade. Address: Samara distr, Tol'yatti. 2000: 1040 pers. 08.2008 one unit took part in war in South Ossetia. 2010 transferred from Chernorech'e (Samara) to Tol'yatti.

  32 OMSBR Novosibirsk 41 A CENTER

# 22316. 32 Detached mot rifle Leningrad-Pavlov Red Banner Brigade. Address: 630017, Novosibirsk. ex 85 mot div (228 mot rgt). 2000: 59, 141, 228 mot rgt, 387 tk rgt, 167 arty rgt, 1131 ad rgt. 2009: in formation of bde. Planned staff 2009: BM-21 Grad – 18, 152 mm 2S3M Akatsia– 36, 120 mm 2S12 Sani – 18, 100 mm MT-12 Rapira – 6, 9P149 Shturm-S – 18, 9A33BM2(3) Osa – 12, 9A34(35) Strela-10 – 6, 2S6M Tunguska – 6. 41(82) T-72, 130 BTR-70. 4393? Pers, 327 officers, 1005 sgts. 06.2010 planned firings by platoons.

  24 OBRSpN Novosibirsk Central Military District CENTER

# 55433. 24 Detached Brigade of Special Purpose. Address: Novosibirsk, Bogatkova str. 02-04.1995 one recce group transferred to 324 mot rgt took part in Chechen war, fought near Gikalovkyy, Chechen-Aul. 2010: planned to be relocated to EAST. 2012 relocated from Irkutsk to Novosibirsk.

  83 ODShBR Ussuryysk Airborne Troops EAST

# 71289. 83 Detached assault (cdo) Brigade. Address: 692500, Primorie, Ussuryysk, Tikhii str. 635, 654 bns, 9 howz arty div, 111 tk bn (T-80B). 06.2004 ? Company took part in "Mobility-2004" exercises in Far East. 07.2009 company took part in Peace Mission joint Rus-Sino exercises.

  14 OBRSpN Ussuryysk Eastern MD EAST

# 74854. 14 Detached Brigade of Special Purpose. Address: 692509, Primorie, Ussuryysk, Novoselova str, 4. incl 282 rgt (Khabarovsk, Volochaevskyy). 01.1995 one unit took part in Chechen war.

  11 ODShBR Sosnovyy Bor Airborne Troops EAST

# 32364. 11 Detached Assault (cdo) Brigade. Address: Buryatia, Ulan-Ude, Sosnovy Bor. 12.2005: 100% formed of contract service. 11.2007 inspected by Federal Inspector. 04.2008 inspected by Sib CINC. 08.2008 40th anniversary. 09.2008 tactical trainings.Planned staff 2009: 122 mm D-30 – 18, 2B14 Podnos – 18, ZU-23-2 – 8

  155 OBRMP Vladivostok Coastal Troops EAST

# 30926. 155 Detached Brigade of Naval Infantry. Address: Vladivostok, Snegovaya street, 31. ex 55th marines div. 2000: 2500 pers. 106,165,390 (# 36324) rgt, 84 bn, 921 arty rgt, 923 ad rgt, 263 msl bn, 1484 comm bn. 10.2007 comd staff trainings. 2007 commander: Maj Gen Vitaly Pushkin. 04.2008 trainings. 165, 106 rgt took part in Chechen war 01-05.1995. Fought for Groznyy, captured several points incl "Minutka" square. 03.1995 Group "North", captured Argun, Mesker-Yurt, Shali, Gudermes. 05.1995 in mountains near Shali. 06.1995 captured Vedeno. Chechen campaign losses: 34 killed. 106 rgt: fought near Agishti, Shali, Dachu-Borzoi, captured Kirov-Yurt. Chechen campaign losses: ?30 killed. 06.2004 took part in "Mobility-2004" exercises in Far East. 12.2006 commander col Valery Oleinikov faired from commander's rank for "dedovschina" case between marines of 390 rgt (rgt commander also faired). 2007: 106 marines rgt disbanded. 10.2008 comd staff exercises Stabilnost'-2008. ex-55 marines div till 03.?2009. 04.2009 field exercises. 04.2010 landing exercises. 04.2011 exercises at Desantnaya harbour. Field exercises of arty units. 09.2011 landing exercises near Kamchatka. 07.2012 comd staff exercises. 11.2012 visited by MoD minister Shoigu.

  61 OPMP Sputnik Coastal Troops NOR

# 38643. 61 Detached Kirkiness Red Banner Regiment of Naval Infantry. Address: 184411, Murmansk distr, Pechenga, Sputnik. ex 61 detached marines bde. 2000: 874, 875 rgt, 876 cdo bn. 1270 pers., 74 T-80B, 59 BTR-80, 12 2s1, 22 2s9, 11 2s23, 134 MT-LBT. 07.2007 comd.staff exercises. 876 cdo bn took part in Chechen war. 01.1995 fought for Groznyy, captured sniper's school, losses 26 killed/MIA incl 11 sgts, 2 commanders. 3rd company captured Dudaev's palace. 02.1995 Group "North". 10.1999 Group "East". Chechen campaign losses: 27 killed/MIA. 02.2004 took part in exercises in NOR. ?company (commander cpt Dmitry Belyy) 06.2004 took part in "Mobility-2004" exercises in Far East. 07.2008 tactical exercises. 02.2009 field exercises. 03.2011 exercises jointly with recce units of 200th det mot bde. 04.2011 field arty exercises, jumpings from An-26. 09.2011 landing exercises. 2013: forming back to bde in 2014.

  7 VB Gudauta 49 A SOUTH

# 09332. 7 Krasnodar Red Banner Order Kutuzov Order Red Star Military Base. Address: 385000, Adigeya, Maikop. In Fact- Gudauta, Abkhazia. ex 131 separate mot bde Maikop (Adigeya). 12.1994 took part in Chechen war. Ex-CINC col Igor Savin killed 01.01.1995. 12.1994 fought near Tersky, Groznyy. 1994: 1469 persons, 20 T-72, 120 BMP, 16 guns. 1,2 mot bns were attacked by rebels and destroyed in Groznyy. Losses: 74 killed, 76 MIA, 15 tanks (of 26), 47 BMP, 6 Tunguska. Put in reserve. 03.1995 captured Gudermes. 04.1995 transferred to Maikop. 03.1996 transferred to Chechnya. 05.1996 captured Staryy Achkhoi, attacked Bamut, mine clearance operations. 09.1996 moved from Chechnya. 1999-2000 fought in Chechnya. Total losses: 189 persons killed. 08.2008 took part in war in South Ossetia. Planned staff 2009: BM-21 Grad – 18, 152 mm 2S3M Akatsia– 24, 2B14 Podnos- 24, 82 mm 2B9 Vasilek – 12, 100 mm MT-12 Rapira – 12, 9P149 Shturm-S – 12, 9A33BM2(3) Osa – 12, 9A34(35) Strela-10 – 6, 2S6M Tunguska – 6. 41(82) T-90*, 130 BTR-80*. 06.2009 Kavkaz-2009 exercises. 2010 commander Maj Gen Chebotaryov. 06.2010 comd staff exercises. 03.2011 field exercises. 04.2011 tactical exercises with firings. 10.2011 tactical exercises. 08.2012 bn exercises with firings.

  10 OBRSpN Molkino Southern Military District SOUTH

# 51532. 10 Detached Brigade of Special Purpose. Address: 353211, Krasnodar distr, Goryachy Klyuch, Mol'kino. Formed 2003; 3,500 pers. 08.2008 unit took part in war in South Ossetia. Losses: 2? Killed.

  22 OBRSpN Aksai Southern Military District SOUTH

# 11659. 22 Detached Guard Brigade of Special Purpose. Address: 346710, Rostov distr, Aksai, Stepnoi. 2000: 1692 pers., 25 BTR-80, 11 BMP-2, 11 D-30, 8 Grad. 1994 took part in Chechen war. 01.1995 unsuccessful descent operation headed by Maj Morozov: lost 2 (killed), 50 soldiers captured and de-armed by rebels, later transferred to Russians (Maj Morozov got under investigation of this event, result is unknown). 1996: 173 unit (included 3 recce companies, BMPs/BTRs, 6 AT Fagot, 6 AGS-17) fought for Pervomaiskoe (killed 85 rebels), Kizlyar. 11.1996 173 unit moved from Chechnya. Chechen campaign losses: 42 killed. 08.2008 some units took part in war in South Ossetia. Losses: 1?killed. 06.2011 exercises in Rostov distr.

  810 OBRMP Sevastopol Coastal Troops SOUTH

# 13140. 810 Detached Brigade of Naval Infantry. Address: Sevastopol, Kazach'ya. 881(882) cdo bn. 1088 pers., 46 BTR-80, 52 BMP, 18 2s1, 6 2s9, 28 MT-LB. 9.05.2003 400 soldiers took part in V-day parade in Moscow. 2003 rgt commander: lt.-cln Dmitry Kraev. 09.2003 881 bn - landing trainings in Crimea. 03.2004 took part in military exercises in BLS. 07.2006: comd-staff trainings, descent operation exercises at Opuk (Ukraine). 2006 commander col Eduard Zhivaev. 11.2007 celebrated its 40th anniversary. 07.2008 Kavkaz-2008 exercises. 09.2008 field trainings. 02.2009 810 rgt reformed to bde. 02.2009 antiterror exercises. 03.2009 descent cdo bn exercises at Opuk. 04.2010 landing exercises at Abkhazia. 03.2011 exercises at Opuk, Gvozdika firings. 2011 commander: col Vladimir Belyavsky. 05.2011 took mountaing trainings in South Ossetia. 07.2011 tactical exercises at Opuk. 09.2011 commad staff exercises jointly with 7th cdo airborne bde. 07.2012 field exercises. 09.2012 got ADS from disbanded 1096 AD rgt.. 2015-2016 war in Syria of bn group.

  382 OBMP Temryuk 810 OBRMP SOUTH

# 45765. 382 Detached battalion of Naval Infantry. Address: Krasnodar distr, Temtryuk, Komsomolskaya street, 2. 2000: 229 pers., 61 BMP, 7 BTR-80, 6 2s1, 2 MT-LB

  2 OBRSpN Promezhits District Central Command WEST

# 64044. 2 Detached Brigade of Special Purpose. Address: 180023, Cherekhi, Promezhits, Pskov distr. 2000: 960 pers.08.2008 177 separate unit took part in war in South Ossetia.

  16 OBRSpN Tambov District Central Command WEST

# 54607. 16 Detached Brigade of Special Purpose. Address: 392911, Tambov, B.Vasilieva str. relocated from Chukovo (Moscow). 370 separate unit took part in Chechen war, unit was destroyed in building exploded by rebels (losses: 35 killed incl. 14 officers) 14.01.1995. 13.09.2009 fire in garrison, 5 dead.

  27 OMSBR Vidnoe-4 District Central Command WEST

# 61899. 27th Detached Guard mot rifle Sevastopol Red Banner Brigade named by 60 years of USSR. Address: Moscow, Vidnoe-4. Earlier at Mosrengen. 2000: 2290 pers., 29 T-80; 131 BTR-80; 69 BMP (64 BMP-2, 5 BRM-1K); 12 - 2s1 Gvozdika, 24 - 2s12 Sani; 2 PRP-3, 9 R-145BM. 04-05.2007, 2009 took part in trainings preparing to Military Parade in Moscow devoted to V-day. Planned staff 2009: 122 mm 2S1 Gvozdika – 12, 120 mm 2S12 Sani – 24, 9P148 Konkurs – 8, 9A34(35) Strela-10 – 6, zu-23-2 – 6. 41(82) T-90, 54 BTR-82A, BMP-3. 4393?(3500?) pers

  23 OMSBR Valuiki 20 A WEST

# 65349. 23 Detached Guard mot rifle Petrakuvskaya Twice Red Banner Order Suvorov Order Kutuzov Order Bogdan Khmelnitsyy Brigade. Address: Belgorod distr, Valuiki. ex- 81 separate mot rgt. 2000: 2162 pers., 30 T-72, 126 BMP-1, 25 2s3 Akatsia, 10 MT-LBT. Moved from Germany (90 tk div). Took part in Chechen war. Ex-commander col Yaroslavtsev and Head of Staff lt.col Burlakov injured 12.1994. During assault of Groznyy 1,2 bns were captured, got huge losses (150 killed/MIA). 02.1994 put in reserve in airport Severnyy. 04.1995 moved from Chechnya. Total losses: 157 killed/MIA. Planned staff 2009: BM-21 Grad – 18, 152 mm 2S3M Akatsia– 36, 120 mm 2S12 Sani – 18, 100 mm MT-12 Rapira – 6, 9P149 Shturm-S – 18, 9A33BM2(3) Osa– 12, 9A34(35) Strela-10 – 6, 2S6M Tunguska – 6. 41(82) T-72, 130 BTR-70*. 4393? Pers, 327 officers, 1005 sgts. 2016 transferred from Samara.

  1 MSP Kalininets 2 MSD WEST

# 31135. 1 Guard mot rifle regiment. Address: Moscow, Narofominsk distr, Kalininets. Formed 2013

  OGRV Pridnestrovie Tiraspol, Pridnestrove Western MD WEST

Operative group in Pridnestrov'e. Address: Pridnestrove, Tiraspol. 2003: 1500 pers. 04.2008 batallion field exercises.

  336 OBRMP Baltyysk Coastal Troops WEST

# 06017. 336 Detached Guard Belostok Order Suvorov Order Alexandr Nevsky Brigade of Naval Infantry. Address: Kaliningrad distr, Baltyysk. 877,878 rgt, 879 cdo bn. 2000: 1157 pers., 26 T-72, 131 BTR-80, 24 2s1, 22 2s9, 59 MT-LB. 09.2007 fleet comd.staff exercises. 879 cdo bn took part in Chechen war: ex-commander maj Alexander Darkovich. 01.1995 fought for Groznyy, captured "green district". 02.1995 Group "West", captured hospital. Chechen campaign losses: 47 killed/MIA. 09.05.2006 took part in V-day parade in Moscow. 07.2006: comd-staff trainings, descent operation exercises at Khmelevka. 2009 - 134 BTR, 18 ARTY, 12 2S9, 9 Konkurs, 18 Fagot, 9 Shilka, 10 S-10, 45 Igla. 09.2010 descent operation exercises at Khmelevka. 10.2011 tactical exercises during MD inspection. 2012 commander: colonel Yury Boichenko. 06.2012 air landings.

Weight (t): 13.6
Personnel capacity: 10
Dimesions (mm):
-length 7650
-breadth: 2900
-width: 2410
Maximum speed (km/h): 90/10
Highway fuel endurance (km): 600-800
Engine: Diezel, KamAZ7403
Power max (kW): 191
Armament: MG 14,5 mm; coax. MG 7,62 mm
Communication facilities: VHF radioset- R-163-50U; VHF receiver- R-163UP
Armour protection: bullet proof
Laying angles, elev.: -5 to +70 degrees
-traverse: 360 deg
Ammunition for 30 mm gun, shells: 300 in two carteige belts; one with armour piercing, second with high explosive incendiary shells


Airborne Troops (VDV)
CINC -- Gen Vladimir Shamanov. Ex (4.05.2009) CINC --Lt Gen Valery Evtukhovich. Ex-CINC Colonel General Alexander Kolmakov, Airborne Troops, Commander since 8 September 2003. MOD data: "Born on 31 July 1955 in Kaliningrad, Moscow region, Alexander Kolmakov was educated at Ryazan Higher ...[+]

Total number of marines in 2004: 7500. In 1989 coastal troops and marines were merged into coastal troops. Thus from the management point of view, marines were part of Coastal troops - structure under command of Navy, also included coastal artillery and ASM brigades, security and defence ...[+]

As indicated by armed conflicts, wheeled armored personnel carriers (APC's) are capable of considerably enhancing any army's combat potential. They are used to transport infantry units to the battlefield and engage in reconnaissance, combat security and patrolling, military cargo transportation, the towing of artillery guns and mortars. They are also used as medical and staff vehicles, mobile radio stations, recovery vehicles, repair shops, etc. In a number of cases they can accomplish fire support missions for infantry acting in combat formations. Developed by GAZ designers and manufactured since 1986 at Arzamas Engineering Plant, now known as AMZ joint stock company, the BTR-80 replaced previous versions, BTR-60PB and BTR-70. The BTR-80 armored personnel carrier is a four-axle, eight- wheeled vehicle, with all drive wheels, an independent suspension and water jet propulsion system. The APC is capable of following tanks and negotiating emplacements, trenches and water obstacles. It is equipped with ten seats to accommodate the personnel.

The APC mounts devices for collective protection of the personnel from blast action and initial radiation during explosions of nuclear ammunition and from radioactive dust, bacteriological materials and toxic agents during the vehicle's operation on contaminated terrain. The vehicle is armed with a turret machine gun mount, designed to fight ground and low-flying air targets at ranges of up to 2,000 meters. The turret mount accommodates a 14.5-mm
large-caliber machine gun (KPVT) and a coaxial 7.62-mm machine gun (PKT) with a traverse of 360ฐ and an elevation of +60ฐ to -4ฐ. For battlefield illumination during night firing, there is an OU-3GA2M searchlight on the machine gun bracket. Six 3D6 smoke grenade launchers have been placed on the turret mount to provide smoke screens for camouflage purposes. The BTR-80's high mobility is ensured by the KamAZ-7403 turbocharged diesel engine, an eight-wheel drive, the wheels' independent torsion suspension, large ground clearance, and centralized tire air pressure control system. The engine is a V-form eight-cylinder, with a maximum power of 191 kW at 2,600 min-1 and a maximum torque of 785 Nm at 1,600-1,800 min-1.

Since 1993 the BTR-80 is powered by the YaMZ-238M2 with similar characteristics. Thanks to its design features, the BTR-80 can keep moving, even if one or two wheels are completely disabled. The vehicle remains totally intact, even if it hits an anti-personnel mine. If hit by an anti-tank mine, as proved in Afghanistan, it can keep moving as the blast energy normally damages only one of the eight wheels. The centralized tire air control system enables the driver to set pressure to suit changing movement conditions, ensuring low unit soil pressure and high cross-country capacity, which is comparable with tracked vehicles. The BTR-80 can use KI-80 or KI-126 bullet-resistant tires. Even when damaged by multiple hits of all calibers of bullets and in a total absence of air pressure, the BTR-80 can still keep going for another several hundred kilometers.
The BTR-80 is equipped with a self-recovery winch, mounted in the hull nose, with a tractive force of 43,120 - 60,000 N, which can be doubled with the aid of the pulley attached to the vehicle. The power unit preheater enhances the vehicle's combat readiness at low ambient temperatures, however, the design of the engine and its systems ensures the APC's start without preliminary heating, when the outside temperature is as low as minus 25 ฐC.
The semi-automatic fire extinguishing system for the power unit and two carbon dioxide fire extinguishers in the personnel compartment enhance the survivability of the armored personnel carrier. Thanks to the availability of four hatches, positioned in the hull roof, and two double-wing doors on the right and left sides of the vehicle its crew and infantry men can easily mount and dismount at a rapid pace. The bottom wing of the door forms a step as it is opened, thereby enabling mounting and dismounting, when the vehicle is on the move. In other words, the BTR-80 meets the best world standards, and even surpasses them in terms of some characteristics.
The BTR-80 surpasses its foreign counterparts in the following areas:

- the ports for small arms fire by the infantry men are better arranged, adding to the APC's fire potential. The seven ports on its sides are turned forward, with one positioned in the hull front (straight ahead) and two on the roof (the latter allow for fire at high-set targets). Two ports enable machine gun fire;
- the ports are equipped withspherical bearings that enable firing from inside the vehicle without depressurizing the fighting compartment even on contaminated terrain, as the filter-ventilation unit supplies purified air inside the APC;
- the front projection of the APC hull ensures protection of the infantry men from 7.62-mm assault rifle and also 12.7-mm machine gun fire;
- the APC is equipped with ananti-roll-down mechanism, which prevents the rolling down of the APC, when it comes to a halt or starts moving on grades, and facilitates the driver's actions in mountainous areas;
- the APC can negotiate water barriers in its stride without any preliminary preparation. Owing to its water jet propulsion system, the APC can move easily across shallow waters and overgrown water bodies as it is not damaged in this case. The armored personnel carrier can be transported by any means of ground, sea or air transport.


BTR-80 /82A image #372

BTR-80 /82A image #373

BTR-80 /82A image #374


Arzamas IFV plant

BTR-80A inside





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