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Database / ifv and apc  / kamaz-63968 typhoon mrap

KAMAZ-63968 Typhoon MRAP

Total number (active): ~ 60

Table 2. MOD Commands and Deployments

  10 OBRSpN Molkino Southern Military District SOUTH

# 51532. 10 Detached Brigade of Special Purpose. Address: 353211, Krasnodar distr, Goryachy Klyuch, Mol'kino. Formed 2003; 3,500 pers. 08.2008 unit took part in war in South Ossetia. Losses: 2? Killed.

  22 OBRSpN Aksai Southern Military District SOUTH

# 11659. 22 Detached Guard Brigade of Special Purpose. Address: 346710, Rostov distr, Aksai, Stepnoi. 2000: 1692 pers., 25 BTR-80, 11 BMP-2, 11 D-30, 8 Grad. 1994 took part in Chechen war. 01.1995 unsuccessful descent operation headed by Maj Morozov: lost 2 (killed), 50 soldiers captured and de-armed by rebels, later transferred to Russians (Maj Morozov got under investigation of this event, result is unknown). 1996: 173 unit (included 3 recce companies, BMPs/BTRs, 6 AT Fagot, 6 AGS-17) fought for Pervomaiskoe (killed 85 rebels), Kizlyar. 11.1996 173 unit moved from Chechnya. Chechen campaign losses: 42 killed. 08.2008 some units took part in war in South Ossetia. Losses: 1?killed. 06.2011 exercises in Rostov distr.

  45 OBrSpN VDV Kubinka Airborne Troops VDV

# 28337. 45 Guard detached SpN regiment VDV. Address: Moscow distr, Kubinka. ex-45 OPSpN VDV. 2000: 218,901 int bn. 690 pers., 15 BTR-80, 1 BTR-D. 06.2007 inspected by VDV CINC. 1995-1997 commander col Kolygin, head of recce col Popovskikh. Formed 02.1994 from 904 and 218 separate spetznaz bns. Took part in Chechen war: 1994 fought for Dolinsky, Argun, Groznyy (400 pers, losses 43 pers-15 killed). 12.02.1995 moved from Chechnya. 218 bn (homebased in Sokolniki) fought fo Khankala, Bekart-Yurt. 901 bn fought in Khankala 03.1995-06.1995 (w/o losses). Other unit (bn) fought in Chechnya in 02-05.1997. 06.2007 inspected by VDV CINC. 08.2008 took part in war in South Ossetia (captured US Hammers jointly with unit of 7 cdo div). Losses: 1 BTR(crew?). 2009: 655 pers. 04.2012 one of officers lt col A Lebed tragically died in bike crash. 05.2012 joint exercises in Fort Carson, USA. Reforming to bde till 12.2014.

Axle configuration: 6x6
Curb weight , t: 21.0
Gross vehicle weight , t: 24.0
Length, mm : 8990
Width : 2,550
Height, mm
the cabin : 3120
on the fuselage : 3300
Ground clearance , mm 185 to 575 mm
Turning radius , m: <10.0
Lifting angle <30
The angle of rotation of wheels: 39
Maximum speed , km / h: 80 (105 ) km / h
Engine - KAMAZ 740/354-450, V8 ( YaMZ - 5367 )
Type: Diesel, turbocharged
Maximum engine power , kW ( hp) - 330.9 (450)
Maximum torque Nm (kgm ) - 1862 ( 190 )
Reserve ( on fuel ), km : 630
Fuel consumption per 100 km: <35 liters
Suspension: controlled hydropneumatic
Capacity: 19 people (3 in the cockpit + 16 in the module )

The vehicle was created in 2010 on a platform of KAMAZ 4310 as a representative of a whole family of vehicles based on a unified platform Typhoon .

The purpose of Russian army was to design a vehicle that can protect the crew and equipment from firearms and mines. In development of concept took part active participation specialized auto companies and Steel Research Institute , Bauman MSTU, nuclear center in Sarov and, obviously , foreign manufacturers.


Frontal projection withstands 30 mm gun shots. According to class bulletproof protection - STANAG 4 (including Insulating glazing booths) against 14.5mm bullets from a distance of 200 meters to class fragmentation protection STANAG 3: able to withstand the explosion of 8 kg of TNT anywhere at any angle to the vehicle body.
Armoring - ceramic-metal plates ( on the earliest examples -Israeli-made ) which, depending on the desired degree of protection are bolted to the body of the vehicle .
To improve the security of the vehicle ut was installed tires reinforced with tire -proof inserts with automatic paging (Michelin R20).

Body armor module is equipped with loopholes for use of personal weapons from within the module and has a mount for remotely operated weapons.

The seats (16) of the module are attached to the roof of the module and equipped with head restraints, fasteners for the arms and head restraints.

The module is equipped with a filtered ventilation and air conditioning system, rear ramp and side doors and roof hatches for emergency escape from the vehicle.

The vehicle has Information System to inform and control the operation of the engine, hydro-pneumatic suspension and determine the main parameters of the movement.

Additionally the vehicle is equipped with a 5 round vision video cameras and two gastrointestinal tract with the display of all information .

The first delivery to the troops - end of 2013 to the special forces of the Southern Military District , about 60 vehicles.


KAMAZ-63968 Typhoon MRAP image #2574

KAMAZ-63968 Typhoon MRAP image #2575

KAMAZ-63968 Typhoon MRAP image #2576

KAMAZ-63968 Typhoon MRAP image #2577



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