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Ural-63095 (Ural-63099) Typhoon MRAP

Axle configuration : 6x6, all-wheel drive
Total weight , t: 24
Engine: YaMZ - 5367 , turbocharged diesel
Power: 450 hp
Road speed : 105 km / h
Range: 1,800 km
Transmission: Automatic 6
Tyres: bullet-proof with autopressure
Climbing ability : <60 degrees
Wade : up to 1.8 m
Crew: 3 + 16 in the module

The vehicle is designed by Ural ( GAZ group of companies ) at the end of the 2000s , first shown in public in 2011.
It is a modular three-axis RAMS bonnet chassis with four-wheel drive , hydro-pneumatic suspension and 6-speed automatic transmission .

Armoring - Combined Class 4 - Bulletproof ( protects against shots < 14.5 mm caliber weapons) and Mines (withstands explosion of up to 8 kg TNT) . Armoring is made of metal and ceramic armor plates. Cabin glazing thickness is of 130 mm protects against KPVT shots from a distance of 200m.

The module as personnel carrier includes 16 seats with headrests (obviously) attached to the roof of module with holders for weapons, LCD monitor, etc. The exit is made via the rear door .

An additional option -mount for remotely controlled weapons.

Vehicle in different configurations can be used as a vehicle to transport personnel , EW, staff vehicle, etc.


Ural-63095 (Ural-63099) Typhoon MRAP image #2578

Ural-63095 (Ural-63099) Typhoon MRAP image #2579

Ural-63095 (Ural-63099) Typhoon MRAP image #2580

Ural-63095 (Ural-63099) Typhoon MRAP image #2581



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