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Database / Air Force / bombers  / su-34/32fn fullback long range fighter-bomber

SU-34/32FN Fullback Long range fighter-bomber

Total number (AF & Navy): ~ 76 
F/A-18 Hornet (~302)  Compare
Used in:
delivery started December 2006

SU-24 Fencer battlefield bomber/R/EW | F-111 Aadwark, AF
210 210 0 0
SU-34/32FN Fullback Long range fighter-bomber | F/A-18 Hornet, USN
76 76 302 302
* where available

Table 2. MOD Commands and Deployments

  929 GLITs VVS Akhtubinsk AF Central Commands AF

# 15650. 929 Main Flight test center. Address: Akhtubinsk. 1994-1996 4 Su-25 ac took part in Chechen war. 10.2006 celebrated its 35th anniversary. 06.2007 inspected vy VVS CINC. 2007: 80 flying hours. 07.2008 visited by Head of Fed Council Mironov. 08.2008 took part in war in South Ossetia. Losses: 1 ac/1 pilot. 23.06.2011 lost MiG-29, crew died. 2012: test flights of Su-35; constructure of additional airfields. 04.06.2015 lost MiG-29UB, pilots ejected.

34  04-01 10V-34 нд
dark camo
35  05-20 416066?305?20 нд
Su-34, blue camo
  4 GTsPAPiPVI Lipetsk AF Central Commands AF

# 62632-V. 4 flight trg center. ex 4thTsBPILS. 2000: 1350 pers; +4020 reserve base. 05.2006 visited by foreign military attaches. 2006: commander Maj Gen Anatoly Kharchevsky. 08.2006 visited by CINC USAF in Europe. 12.2006(?) delivered 6 Su-25SM. 04.2008 Su-25SM flight trials. 11.2012 +2 Su-30SM+3+3 Su-35S

  277 BAP Khurba 303 SAD EAST

277 Bomber Air Force Regiment. Address: Komsomolsk, Khurba. ex 6983rd AFB unit 62231, ex 6988th airbase, ex #45124. ex 277 bbr rgt. Su-24. 07.2008 commander's flights AFA. Planned staff 2009: 24 Su-24M, 24 Su-24M2. 02.2011 training bombing at Litovka test range. 06.07.2015 lost Su-24M, pilots dead.

01  нд нд нд
Su-34, blue camo
02  нд нд нд
Su-34, blue camo
03  нд нд нд
Su-34, blue camo
04  нд нд нд
Su-34, blue camo
  559 BAP Morozovsk 1 SAD SOUTH

559 Bomber Air Force Regiment. Address: Rostov distr, Morozovsk. ex AGp 6972nd AFB unit 40491-G, ex 21385, ex 6970 AFB, ex 559 + 722 + 1 bbr rgts. 710 pers., 30 Su-24. 1994-1996 21 ac took part in Chechen war. 2008 commander: lt col Sergey Goncharov. Planned staff 2009: 24 Su-24, 30 Su-24m. 10.11.2012 lost Su-24 due to fire during landing, pilots ejected. 2013: delivered first Su-34

01  04-06 нд нд
dark camo
02  04-07 нд нд
blue camo
03  04-08 нд нд
blue camo
04  04-09 нд нд
blue camo
05  04-10 нд нд
blue camo
06  05-01 нд нд
blue camo
07  05-02 нд нд
blue camo
10  05-05 нд нд
blue camo
11  05-06 нд нд
blue camo
12  05-07 нд нд
blue camo
14  05-08 нд RF-93855
blue camo
15  05-09 нд нд
blue camo
16  05-10 нд нд
blue camo
17  05-11 нд RF-93814
blue camo
18  05-12 нд нд
blue camo
19  05-13 нд нд
blue camo
20  05-14 нд нд
blue camo
21  05-15 нд нд
blue camo
22  05-16 нд RF-93010
blue camo
24  нд нд нд
blue camo
25  нд нд RF-93816
blue camo
27  нд нд нд
blue camo
34  нд нд нд
blue camo
35  нд нд нд
blue camo
36  нд нд нд
blue camo
37  нд нд нд
blue camo
38  06-07 416066?306?07 нд
Su-34. blue camo
39  06-08 416066?306?08 нд
Su-34. blue camo
28  нд нд RF-93822
Su-34, blue camo
31  нд нд RF-93823
Su-34, blue camo
8  05-03 416066?305?03 RF-93833
Su-34, blue camo
9  05-04 416066?305?04 RF-93838
Su-34, blue camo
40  06-09 416066?306?09 нд
Su-34, blue camo
41  06-10 416066?306?10 нд
Su-34, blue camo
42  06-11 416066?306?11 нд
Su-34, blue camo
43  06-14 416066?306?12 нд
Su-34, blue camo
  47 OSAP Voronezh 105 SAD WEST

455 Detached Joint Avia Regiment. Address: 394055, Voronezh. ex 7000 AFB unit 23326, ex 105 comb div + 455 bbr, 183, 47 recce, 89 attack rgts. Planned staff 2009: 24 Su-24M, 4 An-30, 1 Mi-8, ? 2 Su-34. 2010: 2 sqdn Su-24M, 1 sqdn Su-24MR, Mig-25RB+ An-30. 20.10.2011 Su-24 crashed during landing in Amur distr, pilots dead. 04.06.2015 crash landing of Su-34, pilots alive.

06  02-04 10V-14 нд
07  02-05 10V-15 RF-95804
08  02-06 10V-16 нд
09  02-07 10V-17 нд
10  02-08 10V-18 нд
01  02-09 10V-19 RF-95801
02  02-10 10V-20 нд
03  02-11 10V-21 RF-95803
04  02-12 10V-22 нд
dark camo
05  02-13 10V-23 нд
dark camo
11  03-01 10V-24 нд
dark camo
12  03-02 10V-25 нд
dark camo
20  03-03 10V-26 нд
dark camo
21  03-04 10V-27 нд
dark camo. War in Syria 2015-2016.
22  03-05 10V-28 нд
dark camo. War in Syria 2015-2016.
23  03-06 10V-29 RF-95810
dark camo
24  03-07 10V-30 нд
dark camo
25  03-08 10V-31 RF-95811
dark camo. War in Syria 2015-2016.
26  03-09 10V-32 RF-95807
dark camo. War in Syria 2015-2016.
27  03-10 10V-33 RF-95809
dark camo
28  04-02 10V-35 нд
dark camo. Probably to be scrapped after catastrophe 4.06.2015
29  04-03 10V-36 нд
dark camo
30  04-04 10V-37 нд
dark camo
31  04-05 10V-38 нд
dark camo

W. (tons): Max external stores: 8,000 kg (17,637 lb)
Max T-O weight: normal: 39,000 kg (85,980 lb)
max:45,100 kg (99,428 lb)
Speed (km/h): at height: M1.8 (1,025 kt; 1,900 km/h; 1,180 mph)
at S/L: M1.14 (756 kt; 1,400 km/h; 870 mph)
Dimensions (m): 14,0 x 23,3 x 6,36
Service seiling (m): 19,800 m (65,000 ft)
Combat radius (internal fuel): hi-hi-hi: 601 n miles (1,113 km; 691 miles)
lo-lo-lo: 324 n miles (600 km; 372 miles)
with max internal fuel: 2,429 n miles (4,500 km; 2,796 miles)
Wings, gross 62.00 m2 (667.4 sq ft)
Runway: 1'250/2100 (landing)/950(parach)
M./Engine: 2 TDRD-AL35F, 2 x 14'800 kgs
Man./Crew: 2
Armament: One 30 mm GSh-301 gun, as Su-27. Twelve pylons for high-precision self-homing and guided ASMs and KAB-500 laser-guided bombs with ranges of 0 to 135 n miles (250 km; 155 miles); R-73 (AA-11 `Archer') and RVV-AE (R-77; AA-12 `Adder') AAMs. Believed to be the principal platform for Vympel's rearward-firing R-73
Avionics: Radar: Leninets multifunction phased-array radar with high resolution; rearward-facing radar in tailcone.
Instrumentation: Colour CRT, multifunction displays and helmet-mounted sight for pilot and navigator.
Mission: Built-in UOMZ EO IRST sighting system with TV and laser channels, optimised for air-to-ground use. Separate Geofizika padded thermal imaging system planned. New Argon main computer. Sorbtsya active ECM jamming pods under test on Su-27IB prototype 1995.
Self-defence: Internal ECM


The most recent Russian R-77 medium-range missiles (AA-12 "AMRAAMSKI") is similar to and in some respects equal to the American AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles. The R-77 missile has an active radar finder and a maximim range of 90-100 kilometers (50 km more than AMRAAM) and flies at four times the ...[+]

AA-11 Archer / R-73
The R-73 short-range, close-combat standardized missile was developed in the Vympel Machine Building Design Bureau, and became operational in 1984. The R-73 is included in the weapon complex of MiG-23MLD, MiG-29 and Su-27 fighters and their modifications and also of Mi-24, Mi-28 and Ka-50 ...[+]

Air bombs
ODAB-500 Type Fuel-air explosive bomb. Development The ODAB-500 PM bomb has been developed by Russia to provide the Russian Air Force with a high-speed low-level attack fuel-air explosive weapon for use against troops and material in the field, minefield clearance, parked aircraft and other ...[+]

R-x (rearward-firing R-73)
Maintenance of a controlled missile flight with angles a=180°...90° on a plot of return flight (V 0) with the help of gas-dynamic control system. Is applied with rail ASS. Ensures grab of the target on a trajectory on target destination from radar of the back view. The missile is developed ...[+]

AS-14b Kedge / Kh-29T
This is the only missile of the air-to-ground class which has been designed by Matus Bisnovat's "Molniya" [Lightning] Design Bureau, which specializes in air-to-air missiles. It was developed in the middle nineteen seventies for MiG-27, Su-17, and Su-24 (Fencer) aircraft. It was later also ...[+]

AS-18 Kazoo / Kh-59M
The Kh-59 missile (Article D9) was for the first time publicly displayed in November 1991, in Dubai (United Arab Emirates). This missile is guided by television and propelled by a powder-fuel engine, with a powder- fuel accelerator in the tail. Its folding stabilizers are located at the front, ...[+]

AS-10 KAREN / Kh-25
Kh-25ML AS-10a "KAREN" Kh-25MR AS-10b Kh-25T AS-10c purpose: semi-active laser/optical/RF/command guided ASM guidance: Kh-25ML Laser Spot Tracking Command Guidance Kh-25MR Radio (RF) Command Guidance Kh-25T EO/TV optical guidance Kh-25 Imaging IR guidance Kh-25MP AS-12 "KEGLER" Kh-25MP anti-radiation ...[+]

Aircraft gun armament
Today's armament systems in service with fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters of the world's leading countries widely use small-caliber automatic guns as a highly effective weapon to perform such tactical missions as: - destruction of hostile fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters in the air; ...[+]

SS-N-27 Sizzler / P-900, 3M54 Klub family
The Club missile system is designed to destroy submarine and surface vessels and also engage static/slow-moving targets, whose co-ordinates are known in advance, even if these targets are protected by active defences and electronic countermeasures. There are two 'known' modifications of the ...[+]

SS-N-22 Sunburn / Kh-41 (ASM-MSS) Moskit
The MOSKIT Shipborne Missile System is intended to engage surface ships. It consists of an anti-ship cruise missile, a launcher, automated control system, and ground equipment. As soon as the missile reaches the target area, the onboard missile guidance system autonomously searches, selects ...[+]

AS-20 Kayak / SS-N-25 Switchblade / Kh-35 Uran
[8] In 1972 the Zvezda-Strela State Scientific-Industrial Center (GNPTs) group began working on the Uran (Western SS-N-25) anti-ship missile system for ships of various classes. The Kh-35 antiship cruise missile can be used by surface ships and motor boats, coastal reconnaissance/strike systems, ...[+]

Unguided missiles
The weapon system had been built to help tackle a major task facing front-line and army-level aviation, that of destroying hostile aircraft kept in a variety of concrete shelters, as well as destroy runways, command posts, communications nodes and other fortified facilities. In the ...[+]

AS-17 Krypton / Kh-31 FAMILY
New air defense weapon systems of the American Patriot kind have raised the requirements which antiradar missiles must meet. These include first of all higher speed and longer range, then also high interference immunity and radar turn-off when attacked. For the special purpose of meeting ...[+]

The R-27 medium-range missile is a component of the MiG-29 armament. In its overall characteristics the R-27R is generally comparable to the the American AIM-7M Sparrow missile, which it is said to surpasse it in certain combat capabilities. The R-27 is designed according to a modular principle ...[+]

Multifunctional complex of electronic warfare / suppression (EW / ECM), air-based. Complex of aircraft ensures EW protection from anti-aircraft and airborne weapons. The composition of "Khibiny" complex: - DER system "Proran" or more modern; - System setting jamming "regatta" or a more modern ...[+]

The Su-34 is a two seat (side by side, rather than tandem) development of the Su-27 fighter intended for long range strike, replacing older types such as the Su-17, MiG-27 and Su-24, while the Su-32FN is a shore based maritime strike fighter. When the Su-34 first appeared in 1991 confusion surrounded its intended role, with the first prototype, '42', variously identified as an aircraft carrier trainer designated Su-27KU (Korabelnii Uchebno or shipborne trainer) and a strike fighter as the Su-27lb (Istrebitel Bombardirovschik or fighter-bomber). It may well have been that the two seat side by side 'Flanker' was originally designed for carrier training for Su-33 pilots, but instead was adopted for strike.

The Su-27IB first flew in April 1990. However it is now clear that two distinct variants of the aircraft have been developed, the air force Su-34 (based on the Su-27IB) and the Su-32FN, a shore based long range maritime strike fighter intrended to replace Russian naval aviation Su-24s. It is unclear if the Su-32FN will make it into frontline service. Features of the Su-34 (aside from side by side seating) include twin nosewheels and tandem main undercarriage units, canards, AL-35F turbofans, a Leninetz phased array multifunction radar with terrain following/avoidance (the Su-34 had a rearwards facing radar in the tailcone, as on the Su-35), a retractable inflight refuelling probe, broader chord tailfins, multifunction displays in the cockpit and modern avionics.

Access to the cockpit is via an integral ladder aft of the nosewheel, while behind the two crew seats in the humped fuselage is a small galley and toilet. The crew sit on Z-36 zero/zero ejection seats and the cockpit is protected by titanium armour. The Su-32FN is similar but features a maritime search radar, sonobuoy launcher, MAD, laser rangefinder, wingtip ECM pods and seven LCD screen EFIS cockpit. The Su-34 may enter Russian air force service as early as 1998, and, if funding permits, replace Su-17s, MiG-27s and early Su-24s.

Current Versions
(specific): T10V-1 `42': First flying prototype; detailed above. Converted from Su-27UB airframe by Sukhoi OKB workshops, with new nose built at Novosibirsk, and reportedly fitted with Su-33 main landing gear.
T10V-2 `43': Flown 18 December 1993; first aircraft to be built at Novosibirsk; sometimes described as first production Su-34, in that it had Su-35-type four-hardpoint wing panels and larger internal fuel cells, reinforced wing centre-section, new main landing gear and fixed-geometry engine air intakes. Introduced twin mainwheel bogies.
T10V-3: Static test air frame
T10V-4 `44': First flown late 1996. Reported at Leninets radar plant, Pushkino, early 1997; first with full avionics and weapons systems, except EW package. Exhibited at Paris Air Show, June 1997. Also became known as Su-32.
T10V-5 `45': First Su-27IB with full Leninets mission avionics fit. Sometimes described as first series-produced T10V. First flew 28 December 1994.
T10V-6 `46': First flown January 1998.
T10V-7: Reportedly nearing completion at Novosibirsk in August 2000.
Su-27R: Proposed version to replace Su-24MR and MiG-25RB in tactical reconnaissance roles. BKR (Bortovoi Kompleks Razvedki: onboard reconnaissance complex) suite expected to include nose-mounted Pika SLAR and ESM, electro-optical, laser and IRLS reconnaissance equipment.
Su-27IBP: Proposed tactical jammer to replace Yak-28PP and Su-24MP.
`Su-27IB Interceptor': Proposed ultra-long endurance combat air patrol variant. OKB's internal designation not known. Maybe confused reference to Su-33UB-based Su-30K-2 project.
Su-32: Initially export version; applied also to domestic version from 2000.

Su-32FN/MF: Preseries Su-32FN (T10V-4 `45') first flown 28 December 1994, exhibited at 1995 Paris Air Show; then stated to be in production to replace Su-24s of Russian Naval Aviation; programme reportedly suspended early 1997 before a fully equipped true prototype could fly. Su-32MF designation first appeared in 1999 to describe a `multifunction', export version. Some French sources suggested that the type had received a new ASCC reporting name `Fallback', by July 2000.
This version designed to attack hostile submarines and surface vessels by day and night in all weathers, although official drawing shows slightly different shape to nose compared with land attack version; was intended for parallel manufacture at Novosibirsk. Probably common to both types are Su-32MF's active artificial intelligence system to support pilot in critical situations; active gust alleviation smooth-flight system to damp turbulence in low-level flight at high speeds; liquid-crystal EFIS with seven CRTs; and Sorbtsya active ECM jamming pods on wingtips. Planned specialised equipment includes Leninets Sea Dragon avionics suite, with `Sea Snake' coherent maritime search radar, a ventral sonobuoy pod containing 72 buoys of various types, MAD, IIR, IRTV system and laser range-finder.
Armament of Su-32FN/MF stated to include one 30 mm GSh-301 gun in starboard wingroot extension. Twelve pylons: two on centreline, one under each engine duct, three under each wing and two at wingtips, for high-precision homing and guided ASMs and AAMs and KAB-500 laser-guided bombs, with ranges of 0 to 135 n miles (250 km; 155 miles). ASMs include up to six Kh-25M (AS-10 `Karen'), Kh-29 (AS-14 `Kedge') or Kh-31A/P (AS-17 `Krypton'), three Kh-59M (AS-18 `Kazoo'), two radar-homing Kh-35s (AS-20 `Kayak') or a single Kh-41 Moskit. Recent reports suggest that the Su-32MF will be able to carry two Kh-41s or three AFM-L Alpha ASMs. AAMs include six R-73 (AA-11 `Archer') or eight R-27 (AA-10 `Alamo') or RVV-AE (R-77; AA-12 `Adder'). Bombs range from 34 AB-100s to three KAB-1500s, rockets from 120 S-8s to six S-25s, including laser-guided S-25Ls. Torpedoes, munition or sonobuoy dispensers and mines can be carried.
Su-34 delivery to Russian Air Force begun in December 2003.
Details generally as for single-/tandem-seat Su-27, except those below.

Design Features

One third heavier empty weight, with 50 per cent increase in MTOW, 30 per cent increase in internal capacity, 10 per cent increase in mid-section. Completely new and wider front fuselage built as titanium armoured tub, 17 mm ({11/16} in) thick; armour adds 1,480 kg (3,262 lb); new EFIS cockpit containing two seats side by side; side-by-side arrangement avoids some duplication of controls and instruments, while promoting better crew co-operation. New avionics suite integrated by Ramenskoye Instrument-making Design Bureau; wing extensions taken forward as chines to blend with dielectric nose housing nav/attack and terrain-following/avoidance radar; deep fairing behind wide humped canopy; small foreplanes; louvres on engine air intake ducts reconfigured; new landing gear; broader chord and thicker tailfins, containing fuel; no ventral fins; and a longer, larger diameter tailcone. This has been raised and now extends as a spine above the rear fuselage to blend into the rear of the cockpit fairing. It houses at its tip a rearward-facing radar to detect aircraft approaching from the rear.


SU-34/32FN Fullback Long range fighter-bomber image #224

SU-34/32FN Fullback Long range fighter-bomber image #225

SU-34/32FN Fullback Long range fighter-bomber image #226

SU-34/32FN Fullback Long range fighter-bomber image #227

SU-34/32FN Fullback Long range fighter-bomber image #1589

SU-34/32FN Fullback Long range fighter-bomber image #1590

SU-34/32FN Fullback Long range fighter-bomber image #2136

SU-34/32FN Fullback Long range fighter-bomber image #2137

SU-34/32FN Fullback Long range fighter-bomber image #2138

SU-34/32FN Fullback Long range fighter-bomber image #2139

SU-34/32FN Fullback Long range fighter-bomber image #2140

SU-34/32FN Fullback Long range fighter-bomber image #2142

SU-34/32FN Fullback Long range fighter-bomber image #2204

SU-34/32FN Fullback Long range fighter-bomber image #2205

SU-34/32FN Fullback Long range fighter-bomber image #2483

SU-34/32FN Fullback Long range fighter-bomber image #2555



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