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AT-3 Sagger / MALYUTKA


Caliber, mm 125 125 125 125
Length, mm 860 860 in pack 1,005 on launcher 860 860 in pack 1,005 on launcher

Weight, kg
10.9 … 11.4 12.5 12.0 max 13.5
Armour penetration, mm
400 … 460 800 720 behind ERA
Warhead weight, kg
2.6 3.5 3.0 4.2
Maximum flight range, m
3,000 3,000 3,000 3,000
Average flight speed, m/s 115 130 130 120

The upgrade of MALYUTKA ATGM is intended to enhance armour penetration capability of the basic model by factor 2, increase its average flight speed, and engage a wider variety of targets.

The following upgraded options are available:

MALYUTKA-2 missile with monoblock HEAT warhead and enhanced characteristics;
MALYUTKA -2M missile with tandem HEAT warhead;
MALYUTKA-2F missile with a blast-thermobaric warhead to enhance lethality while employed against soft-skinned targets and manpower.


AT-3 Sagger / MALYUTKA image #864

AT-3 Sagger / MALYUTKA image #865

AT-3 Sagger / MALYUTKA image #866



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