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Database / Missiles / ads  / sa-21 growler / s400 triumph long range tabm/sam

SA-21 GROWLER / S400 Triumph Long Range TABM/SAM

Total number (active): ~ 216
MIM-104 Patriot (~179)  Compare
Used in:
2006: accepted, 06.08.2007 first div S-400 delivered to MSK; 9 to be delivered during 2007 to Moscow AD district. 03.2009 2nd rgt armed (LVO), + 5 div till 12.2010 (Putin).

SA-12 Giant S-300V | MIM-104 Patriot
203 203 179 179
SA-20 GARGOYLE / S-300 /PMU/2/3 | MIM-104 Patriot
704 704 179 179
SA-21 GROWLER / S400 Triumph Long Range TABM/SAM | MIM-104 Patriot
216 216 179 179
* where available

Table 2. MOD Commands and Deployments

  549 ZRP Stupino 5 D PVO ASD

# 61991. 549 Air Defence Regiment. Address: 142015, Moscow distr, Kurilovo. 2008 commander: col Alexander Kalenik. 2009: 2 S-300PM. 2014 delivered S-400.

  210 ZRP Dubrovka 4 D PVO ASD

# 51890. 210 Air Defence Regiment. Address: 141800, Moscow distr, Dubrovka. 2009: 2 S-400, 1 S-300PM

  93 ZRP Funkovo 4 D PVO ASD

# 51916. 93 Guard Air Defence Regiment. Address: 143090, Moscow distr, Fun'kovo. 2009: 3 S-300PM. 2014 delivered S-400.

  606 ZRP Electrostal 5 D PVO ASD

# 61996. 606th Guard Air Defence Red Banner Regiment. Address: 144000, Moscow distr, Electrostal. 09.2008 tactical trainings, msl launches at Ashuluk. 2008 commander: col Valery Filippov. 2009: 2 S-400, 1 S-300PM. 2010: fully re-armed on S-400. 2010: delivered 10 Pantsir-S1.

  590 ZRP Novosibirsk 41 D PVO CENTER

590 Air Defence Regiment. Address: Novosibirsk. 2008 commander: col Nikolay Verepakha. 01.2009 trainings before practical tests at Telemba firing range. 2009: 3 S-300PS

  1532 ZRP Petropavlovsk 6(53) D PVO (PAC) EAST

# 60027. 1532 Air Defence Regiment. Address: Kamchatka, Petropavlovsk. S-300P from 128 ad div

  1533 ZRP Vladivostok 93 D PVO EAST

1533 Guard Red Banner Air Defence Regiment. Address: Primorsky distr, Vladivostok. 2009: 3 S-300PS. 2014-2015 delivered S-400

  589 ZRP Nakhodka 93 D PVO EAST

# 83266. 589th Air Defence Regiment. 2009: 3 S-300PS. 03-06.2012: delivered S-400 rgt

  531 ZRP Polyarnyy 1 D PVO NOR

# 70148. 531 Guard Nevel-Berlin Order Lenin Air Defence Regiment. Address: 184610, Murmansk distr, Polyarnyy. 2008 commander col Sergey Moskvichev. 2009: 5 S-300PM. 2015 rearming to S-400

  1537 ZRP Novorossyysk 51 D PVO SOUTH

# 26345. 1537 Red Banner Air Defence regiment. Address: 353920, Krasnodar distr, Novorossyysk. 2008 commander: col Vladimir Timofeev. 2009: 2 S-300PM. 2012: 2 S-400, S-300PM, Pantsir-S1. 2015-2016 war in Syria (Pantsir)

  18 ZRP Feodossia 31 D PVO SOUTH

18 Guard Sevastopol - Feodossia Air Defense Regiment. Address: Crimea, Feodossia. formed 2014. 2 S-300

  500 ZRP Gostilitsi 18 D PVO WEST

# 90450. 500 Guard Leningrad Red Banner Order Kutuzov Order Suvorov Air Defence Regiment. Address: 188528, St Petersburg distr, Gostilitsi. 2009: 4 S-300PM

  183 ZRP Gvardeisk 44 D PVO WEST

# 95043. 183 Guard Air Defence Molodchensky Order Alexandr Nevsky Regiment. Address: 238210, Kaliningrad distr, Gvardeisk, Gagarina str. ex 183 ad bde S-300. S-200, 2 C-300. 12.2011 delivered 2? div of S-400. 09.2012 firings at Ashuluk test range.

USA Code Name SA- 21
Russian Designation: S-400 TRIUMPH
Russian Design Agency Almaz - prime contractor
Fakel - missile design
Range: 48N6E from S-300PMU-1 - Approx. 150Km
48N6E2 from S-300PMU-2 - Approx. 200Km
9M96E from S-300PMU-3 Approx. 40Km
9M96E2 - Approx. 120Km
40N6E - 400km

Guidance: Command + Active Radar Terminal Homing or Semi Active Terminal Homing depending on Missile used.

The history of the S-400 began from the end of the 80s of the 20th century, when the development of the new project started by design office "Almaz" (later "Almaz-Antey"). General Designer A. Lemansky. Year of start of development -1988.

The main requirements for "Almaz", was the creation of a new complex with the ability to hit targets at a distance of up to 400 km. With this objective could not handle the existing complexes of S-300 and S-200 series, so the Russian air defense needed the new system to fight against AWACS aircraft, aircraft jammers and aircraft capable of using weapons without entering the zone of the existing air defense systems.

The bulk of the work was carried out in the 2000s, in parallel with the creation of new 48N6E missiles and development of a new long-range missile.

Despite this, the S-400 was designed with the possibility of the use of elder missiles of S-300PMU1 / 2.

During the work on the S-400 the list of tasks was expanded. So effective complex should fight not only against aerodynamic targets, including those using the technology of low visibility, but also with hypersonic and ballistic targets with a range of up to 3,500 km.

The S-400 is designed to cover the administrative, industrial and military facilities from aerodynamic targets (aircraft of strategic aviation and tactical aircraft, jammers, AWACS, cruise missiles, including those with stealth technology) at a distance of 400 km, ballistic missiles with a range of up up to 3500 km, speed of up to 4.8 km / s and hypersonic targets. The complex provides simultaneous firing of up to 36 targets with 72 guided missiles.

The complex includes:
-command and control 55K6E based on Ural-532301
-Radar 91N6E MZKT-7930 with a detection range of up to 600 km
-Multi-control radar 92N2E with a range of up to 400 km
-Launchers 5P85TE2 (5P85SE2) on the trailer with the tractor BAZ-64022. According to various sources number of launchers varies from 8 to 12.
-Missiles-48N6E and 48N6E2, 48N6DM, 9M96E, 9M96E2 and long-range missiles 40N6E.

The S-400 was adopted by the Russian aerospace defense brigades in 2007. In the same year it was started delivery to Air Defense troops. At the beginning of 2013 in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, there are nine battalions of antiaircraft missile system S-400. By State Arms Program-2020 it is planned the delivery of 56 batallions.


SA-21 GROWLER / S400 Triumph Long Range TABM/SAM image #2011

SA-21 GROWLER / S400 Triumph Long Range TABM/SAM image #2012

SA-21 GROWLER / S400 Triumph Long Range TABM/SAM image #2013

SA-21 GROWLER / S400 Triumph Long Range TABM/SAM image #2014

SA-21 GROWLER / S400 Triumph Long Range TABM/SAM image #2474

SA-21 GROWLER / S400 Triumph Long Range TABM/SAM image #2475



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