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Missiles per launcher 2
Crew, persons 1
Firing modes in sequence single, salvo, pursuit, head-on
Reloading time, min 2.5 ... 3
Temperature range, C -44 to +50
Max launcher weight, kg 105
On-ground dimensions, mm:
diameter, across supports 2,315
height, (w/tent) 1,520
folded 880
ramp width 1,200

The DJIGIT launch system is designed to fire IGLA missiles. It improves system's mobility, increases the number of firing channels per operator, decreases his fatigue and enhances overall effectiveness.

The launch system includes: a launcher mount for two missiles; equipment of the motor vehicle which mounts the launcher with additional six missiles; maintenance facilities and training equipment. It can be deployed on mobile carriers or on the ground.

The unique feature of the system is its ability to launch two missiles against one target.


DJIGIT (SA-18) image #510

DJIGIT (SA-18) image #2180



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