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Database / Navy / corvettes  / 206m shtorm /turya class

206M Shtorm /Turya class

total active:3


  • State of the Russian Navy
  • Active corvettes
  • In reserve/decommissioned corvettes

    CAS  3
    * where available
    FSG Tarantul 2
    FSG Tarantul II 3
    FSG Tarantul III 16
    FSG Nanuchka I 5
    FSG Nanuchka III 7
    FSG Nanuchka IV 1
    PGGF Dergach 2
    FFL Grisha I 1
    FFL Grisha II 6
    FFL Grisha V 12
    FFL Parchim II 7
    PTH Turya 3
    Stereguschyy 4
    21630 Buyan 3
    21631 5
    AC 1204 5

    Table 1. Active ships [NAVY]

    R 50 (758) KARACHAEVO-CHERKESSIA Sredne-Nevsky SSZ  1978  N BRNK CAS   +  

    2007 planned for repairs.

    R 30 (702) BUDENNOVSK Sredne-Nevsky SSZ  1983  CAS   +  

    08.2011 K-2 exercises, launched Termit msl.

    R 25 (701) BOROVSK Sredne-Nevsky SSZ  1983  CAS   +  

    08.2011 K-2 exercises, launched Termit msl. 10.2011 tactical exercises.

    Displacement: 250 tons full load
    Dimensions: 38.6 x 7.6 x 3.24 meters/126.6 x 25 x 10.6 feet
    Propulsion: 3 M-504 diesels, 3 shafts, 15,000 bhp, 37 knots
    Crew: 25
    Sonar: Uzh/Rat Tail dipping
    EW: 2 PK-16 decoy RL
    Armament: 1 dual 57mm/70cal DP, 1 dual 25 mm AA, 4 21 inch torpedo tubes (2 Type 53-56B/53-56BA and 2 Type 53-65K torpedoes.


    Owing to basic performance characteristics, the Russian torpedoes are on a par with their foreign counterparts and even surpass them in terms of reliability and ease of operation. The modern torpedo is one of the most effective weapons in submarine warfare. Torpedoes constitute the primary ...[+]

    Gun armament
    As demonstrated by the experience of local conflicts, the role of naval gun armament increased considerably in recent years despite the intensive introduction of missile armament. Heightened attention to naval gun armament is attributable first and foremost to the wane in the euphoria of naval ...[+]

    Torpedo-armed, semi-hydrofoil version of the 'Osa' class. It is believed that only five of this once-numerous class survive: two in the Caspian Sea and three in the Black Sea.

    Classification: Raketnyy Kater (RK); Missile Boat.

    Builders: Sudostroil'noye Obyedieneniye (Almaz), Petrovskiy SY, St. Petersburg; Sredniy Neva SY, Kolpino. Built 1972-1979.


    206M  Shtorm /Turya class image #2609



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