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Database / Navy / corvettes  / 21630 buyan small artillery ship

21630 Buyan Small Artillery Ship

total active:3


  • State of the Russian Navy
  • Active corvettes
  • In reserve/decommissioned corvettes

    CAS  3
    * where available
    FSG Tarantul 2
    FSG Tarantul II 3
    FSG Tarantul III 16
    FSG Nanuchka I 5
    FSG Nanuchka III 7
    FSG Nanuchka IV 1
    PGGF Dergach 2
    FFL Grisha I 1
    FFL Grisha II 6
    FFL Grisha V 12
    FFL Parchim II 7
    PTH Turya 3
    Stereguschyy 4
    21630 Buyan 3
    21631 5
    AC 1204 5

    Table 1. Active ships [NAVY]

    012 ASTRAKHAN Almaz SSZ  01.09.2006  CAS   +  

    21630-I. Laid: 30.01.2004. Launched: 7.10.2005. 07.2006 took part in Navy Day celebration in St Petersburg. New stealth-design arty ship. 10.2006 transferred to CAS. 05.2011 fire exercises. 08.2011 arty firings. 10.2011 patrol in Caspian. 05.2012 sea exercises. 10.2012 exercises with firings. 08.2014 tactical exercises. 12.2014 K3-1. 02.2015 joint AD exercises. 06.2015 rescue exercises.

    014 VOLGODONSK Almaz SSZ  20.12.2011  CAS   +  

    21630-II. Laid: 23.02.2005. Launched 07.05.2011. 25.08.2011 sea trials. 07.2012 entered Navy. 09.2012 KZ-1 testing. 10.2012 exercises with firings. 08.2014 tactical exercises. 10.2014 tactical exercise with marines bn. 12.2014 K3-1. 02.2015 joint AD exercises.

    015 MAKHACHKALA Almaz SSZ  4.12.2012  CAS   +  

    21630-III. Laid: 24.03.2006. 06.2012 sea trials. 10.2012 state trials. 02.2013 entered CAS. 10.2014 tactical exercise with marines bn. 12.2014 K3-1. 02.2015 joint AD exercises. 04,06.2015 rescue exercises. 04.2016 tactical exercises.

    D: 550 tons
    Speed: 28 knots
    Draft: 2,2 m
    Endurance: 10 days; 1500 miles
    Armament: Grad-M MLRS
    AD Gibka (Igla-1M)
    100 mm A-190
    2 x 30 mm AK-306


    3M-47 Gibka 9M39 Igla
    Turret installation of 3M-47 "Gibks" provides guidance and automated remote launch of missiles "Igla". The system is designed for the-clock protection of surface ships with a displacement of more than 200 tons in the area of ultra low-range (up to 6 km.) Attacks on aircraft and other means ...[+]

    100mm A-190-5P-10
    The system is intended to engage sea, coastal and air targets. The system comprises: - 5P-10 shipborne fire control radar system; - 100mm lightened gun mount (one or two pieces); - various types of artillery ammunition for engagement of sea, coastal and air targets (including ammunition items ...[+]

    New stealth design. Series of 7 ships designed for Caspian Flotilla.
    Classification: Malyy Artilleryysky Korabl' (Small Artillery Ship)
    Designers: Zelenodolsk Design, Almaz Shipyard.


    MAK Astrakhan

    MAK Astrakhan



    Astrakhan small arty frigate



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