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Database / Navy / littoral warfare  / 1171 tapir /alligator class large landing ships

1171 Tapir /Alligator class large landing ships

total active:3
LHA-1 Tarawa class (3)  Compare


  • State of the Russian Navy

    BLS  2
    PAC  1
    * where available
    LSD Harpers Ferry 4
    LHD Wasp 8
    LHA Tarawa 3
    LPD San Antonio 6
    LPD Austin 8
    LST Ropucha I 2
    LST Ropucha II 7
    LST Ropucha III 3
    ACV Pomornic I 2
    ACV Pomornic II 2
    LST Alligator Type I/II/III/IV 3
    21820 3

    Table 1. Active ships [NAVY]

    081 NIKOLAY VILKOV #820 Yantar Kaliningrad  1974  100 BRDK PAC   +  

    Laid: 3.09.71. 08.2006: took part in naval parade on PAC. 04.2010 marines exercises PAC. 04.2011 landed marines at Desantnaya harbour. 09.2013 sea drills in Okhot sea.

    081 NIKOLAY VILKOV #820 Yantar Kaliningrad  1974  100 BRDK PAC   +  

    Laid: 3.09.71. 08.2006: took part in naval parade on PAC. 04.2010 marines exercises PAC. 04.2011 landed marines at Desantnaya harbour. 09.2013 sea drills in Okhot sea.

    150 BDK 65 SARATOV #820 Yantar Kaliningrad  1966  197 BRDK BLS   +  

    Laid: 5.02.64. 197th brigade, ex- BDK-10 Voronezhsky Komsomolets. 03.2004 took part in ASW exercises in BLS. 08.2007 took part in Naval parade in Sevastopol. 2007 commander: capt 2 rank Oleg Pochinov. 06.2008 visited by Saratov municipal delegation. 08.2008 took part in war in South Ossetia. 10.2011 tactical exercises. 09.2012 Kavkaz-2012 drills. 11.2012 Mediterrian. 10.12.2012 Novorossyysk, Sevastopol. 01.2013 Tartus.

    152 NIKOLAY FILCHENKOV #820 Yantar Kaliningrad  1975  197 BRDK BLS   +  

    Laid: 30.01.74. 197th brigade. Feb-April 2003 took part in military exersises in Indian Ocean. 03.2011 landing of 810 det marines bde at Opuk. 05.2011 Peace Farwater-2011. 09.2011 landed troops of 810th det marines bde and 7th cdo bde. 10.2011 10.2011 tactical exercises. 07.2012 patrol to Tartus (Syria). 09.2012 Kavkaz-2012 drills. 12.2012 Tartus. 01.2013 Sevastopol.. 09.2013 in Mediterrian.

    148 BDK 69 ORSK   1968  197 BRDK BLS   inactive  

    2004-2008 overhaul. 12.2008 sea trials. 2011 overhaul. 12.2011 visited by Orenburg municipal delegation

    Displacement: 4,360 tons full load
    Dimensions: 113.1 x 15.6 x 6.15 meters/371.1 x 51.2 x 20.2 feet
    Propulsion: 2 Typr 58A diesels, 2 sahfts, 9,000 bhp, 16 knots
    Crew: 55
    Troops: 440
    Cargo: 1,750 tons (600 tons beaching)
    Armament: 1 dual 57mm/70cal DP, 2 dual 25 mm AA in some, 1 122mm UMS-72 Grad-M bombardment RL in some, 3 SA-N-5 SAM positions in some


    Gun armament
    As demonstrated by the experience of local conflicts, the role of naval gun armament increased considerably in recent years despite the intensive introduction of missile armament. Heightened attention to naval gun armament is attributable first and foremost to the wane in the euphoria of naval ...[+]

    9m22u Grad MLRS
    MLRS "Grad" consists of: Fighting vehicle BM-21-1 (index 2B17) Transport vehicle (TV) 9T254 Rocket projectiles (RP) Calibre, mm 122 Range of fire, km: maximum 40 minimum 5 Full salvo fire time, s 20 Number of tubes, pcs 40 Mass of base RP, kg 66,6 FV weight, t 13,7 Crew, ...[+]

    General-purpose LST-type ships; beachable. Now aged and being retired. There are numerous detail variations throughout the class. Some of the units listed below may be in reserve, especially in light of decreased emphasis on amphibious operations in recent years.

    Classification: Bol'shoy Desatnyy Korabl' (BDK); Large Landing Ship.

    Builders: Yantar Zavod, Kaliningrad.

    11711 Ivan Gren (Laid: 2004)
    D: 5000 tons,
    Dimensions: 120 x 16,5 x 3,6,
    Propulsion – diesel
    Speed: 18 knots
    Crew: 100
    Armament: 2xMLRS, 1xAK176, 2xAK-630
    Ka-29 helo.
    Cargo: 13 tanks x60 tons or 36 BTR
    , 300 marines.


    1171 Tapir /Alligator class large landing ships image #89

    LST Saratov

    LST Nikolai Filchenkov

    1171 Tapir /Alligator class large landing ships image #2279

    LST Nikolai Vilkov



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