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Database / Navy / electronic surveillance  / 1826 belomor'ye /lira/balzam class

1826 Belomor'ye /Lira/Balzam class

total active:1


  • State of the Russian Navy

    PAC  1
    * where available

    Table 1. Active ships [NAVY]

    SSV-80 PRIBALTIKA   28.07.1984  515 DNRZK PAC   +  

    was in reserve, re-entered PAC. 06-08.2004 combat patrol near Hawaii. 2004 commander capt 1 rank Viktor Reshetnikov.

    SSV-571 BELOMOR'E   7.02.1987  518 ODNRZK NOR   in reserve  

    2002 active. 2004+ in reserve

    Displacement: 3250/4,900 tons full load
    Dimensions: 105 x 15.5 x 5.6 meters/344.5 x 50.8 x 16.4 feet
    Propulsion: 2 diesels, 2 shafts, 9,000 bhp, 20 knots
    Endurance: 10000/18 knots, 60 days
    Crew: 180
    Sonar: hull mounted MF, HF dipping, Pamyat', Uzh
    Elint: Prokhlada, Buksir-N, Rotor-N, Oktava
    EW: Intercept arrays, Volga
    Armament: 1 30 mm AA, 2 Strela SAM positions

    The first, and the largest, purpose-built ELINT ships. Equipped for UNREP. Carry SSV (Communications Vessel) numbers.

    Classification: Probably Bol'shoy Razvedyatel'niye Korabl' (BRK); Large Intelligence Ship.

    Builders: Yantar Zavod 820, Kaliningrad.

    Disposals/Reserve: Class leadship Lira stricken 1998; Aziya and Pribaltika in reserve.


    1826 Belomor

    1826 Belomor

    1826 Belomor



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