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Database / Missiles / mlrs  / tos-1 buratino flamethrower

TOS-1 Buratino Flamethrower

Total number (active): ~ 15

Table 2. MOD Commands and Deployments

  70 OOB Razdolnoe 16 OBR RKhBZ EAST

# 41474. 70 det flamethrower batallion. Primorie, Razdolnoe

  1 MBR RKhBZ Shikhani Central Comd MoD GS

# 71432. 1st mobile NBC def bde. 2000: 1099 pers., 33 MT-LB, 10 RKhM, 8 RKhM-4

  7 VB Gudauta 49 A SOUTH

# 09332. 7 Krasnodar Red Banner Order Kutuzov Order Red Star Military Base. Address: 385000, Adigeya, Maikop. In Fact- Gudauta, Abkhazia. ex 131 separate mot bde Maikop (Adigeya). 12.1994 took part in Chechen war. Ex-CINC col Igor Savin killed 01.01.1995. 12.1994 fought near Tersky, Groznyy. 1994: 1469 persons, 20 T-72, 120 BMP, 16 guns. 1,2 mot bns were attacked by rebels and destroyed in Groznyy. Losses: 74 killed, 76 MIA, 15 tanks (of 26), 47 BMP, 6 Tunguska. Put in reserve. 03.1995 captured Gudermes. 04.1995 transferred to Maikop. 03.1996 transferred to Chechnya. 05.1996 captured Staryy Achkhoi, attacked Bamut, mine clearance operations. 09.1996 moved from Chechnya. 1999-2000 fought in Chechnya. Total losses: 189 persons killed. 08.2008 took part in war in South Ossetia. Planned staff 2009: BM-21 Grad 18, 152 mm 2S3M Akatsia 24, 2B14 Podnos- 24, 82 mm 2B9 Vasilek 12, 100 mm MT-12 Rapira 12, 9P149 Shturm-S 12, 9A33BM2(3) Osa 12, 9A34(35) Strela-10 6, 2S6M Tunguska 6. 41(82) T-90*, 130 BTR-80*. 06.2009 Kavkaz-2009 exercises. 2010 commander Maj Gen Chebotaryov. 06.2010 comd staff exercises. 03.2011 field exercises. 04.2011 tactical exercises with firings. 10.2011 tactical exercises. 08.2012 bn exercises with firings.

  860 OOB Oktyabrskyy 28 OBR RKhBZ SOUTH

# 65363-2. 860 Detached Flamethrower battalion. Address: 404540, Volgograd distr, Oktyabr'skyy. 2000: 166 pers., 26 MT-LBT

Type: flamethrower
Year: 1998
Firing range (m): 400-3500
Calibre (mm): 220
Launching tubes(pcs): 30
Full salvo time(sec) 7.5
Weight(tons) 42
Max speed (km/h) 60
Range(km) 550
Crew: 3

The TOS-1-4 Buratino system, which first gained widespread notice in combat in Chechnya, fires a 220mm fuel-air explosive missile. This type of munition releases a large cloud of flammable gas and cause massive explosions that can clear out bunkers and other fortifications.

Buratino is a 30-barrel 220mm multiple rocket launcher system mounted on a T-72 tank chassis. It is found in the chemical troops' separate flame thrower battalions. It is an observed-fire system with a maximum effective range of 3.5 kilometers (other sources say it has a maximum range of five kilometers). The minimum range is 400 meters. The rocket mounts an incendiary or a thermobaric warhead.

The zone of ensured destruction from a Buratino salvo is 200 x 400 meters. The official designation of the Buratino is the TOS-1. The thermobaric warhead is filled with a combustible liquid. The liquid is most likely filled with powdered tetranite. When the warhead explodes, the liquid is vaporized creating an aerosol cloud. When the cloud mixes with oxygen, it detonates, first creating a high temperature cloud of flame followed by a crushing overpressure.


TOS-1 Buratino Flamethrower image #338

TOS-1 Buratino Flamethrower image #339

TOS-1 Buratino Flamethrower image #1123

TOS-1 Buratino Flamethrower image #2237

TOS-1 Buratino Flamethrower image #2238

TOS-1 Buratino Flamethrower image #2359



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