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T-80 MBT

Total number (active): ~ 188
M1A2 Abrams MBT (~1174)  Compare
Used in:
< 4500 in reserve or storage. 12.2013 All T-80 were withdrawn from service. (MoD)

Table 2. MOD Commands and Deployments

  12 TP Naro-Fominsk 4 TD WEST

# 31985. 12 Guard Tank Regiment. Address: 143301, Moscow distr, Naro-Fominsk. Formed 2013

  13 TP Naro-Fominsk 4 TD WEST

# 32010. 13 Guard Tank Regiment. Address: 143301, Moscow distr, Naro-Fominsk. Formed 2013

Weight (tons): 46,0
Speed (km/h): 70
Dimensions (m): 9'651/6'982 x 3'582 x 2'202
M./Engine: gas. turbine GTD1250, 1'250 hp
Crew: 3
Power-to-weight ratio (hp/t): 27.2
Ground pressure (kg/sm2): 0.925
Fuel capacity (L): 1'840
Range (km): 400
fording (m): 1.2/5.0
Armament: 1 x 125 mm smoothborne gun
1 x 7,62 mm MG coaxial
1 x 12,7 mm AA MG
gun loading: a/m; stabilization: v/h; stowage: 45; coax.: 1'250;
AA- 450; elevation/depres.: 5'4/ 13';
type of rounds: APFSDS HE-FRAG HEAT Guided missile
Fire Control System: Commander's: :day-and-night, passive with stabilization of field of view in vertical plane; Gunner's:day sight with two plane stab. of field of view incorp. a laser range finder and a missile guidance capability; night sight passive with stab. of field of view in vert. plane;
Ballistic computer: takes into accounts all topometeoballistic conditions affect. firing accuracy;
Thermal imager: provision is made of instal. of thermal imager
Protection: armour protection: from APFSDS, HEAT

T-80U modification
Combat weight, tons 46
Power-to-weight ratio, hp/t 27.2
Engine power, hp 1,250
Speed of movement, km/h:
max, on highway 70
average, on cross-country 40 ... 42
Ground pressure, kgf/ 0.92
Max. cross-country range, km:
with main fuel tanks 335
with 3 additional tanks 440
Negotiated obstacles:
max gradient, deg 32
side slope, deg 30
trench, m 2.85
wall, m 1.0
Fording depth, m:
unprepared 1.8
under snorkel 5.0
Dimensions, m:
length over hull 7.010
length gun forwards 9.654
width over side-skirts 3.603
height 2.202
Ammunition allowance, rounds:
125mm gun 45 (including 28 in carousel loader)
12.7mm MG 500
7.62mm MG 1250
Missile firing range, m 100 ... 5,000
Smoke grenades launchers, pcs 8
Crew, men 3
Sighting equipment: gunners night sight;
gunners day optical range-finder sight with missile guidance channel;
commanders day/night observation/sighting device


Total number of marines in 2004: 7500. In 1989 coastal troops and marines were merged into coastal troops. Thus from the management point of view, marines were part of Coastal troops - structure under command of Navy, also included coastal artillery and ASM brigades, security and defence ...[+]


Tanks and armament
The guided munitions intended for use with T-55, T-62, T-72S, T-80U, T-90S MBT and BMP-3 IFV guns and MT-12 Antitank Gun substantially increase effectiveness of the fire against armoured vehicles equipped with explosive reactive armour, fortifications and other targets. They use semi-automatic ...[+]

TANK GUNS D-10, 2A20, 2A46M, 2A46M1
Test sample of 100-mm gun D-10 for the tank T-54 was developed in 1946, and in 1949 - beginning of serial manufacture of tanks with this gun. Till 1958 the gun of the tank T-54 has undergone a number of up-datins (D-10TS with one-axial stabilization, D-10T2S with two-axial stabilization). ...[+]

TShU-1-7 optronic jammer
The TShU-1-7 optronic jammer ensures effective protection of armoured vehicles against anti-tank guided missiles such as TOW, HOT, MILAN, DRAGON, COBRA, -3, HN-5 etc. The modulated IR flux formed by the TShU-1-7 makes up the jamming noise inside the missile's "track loop" and exploits its ...[+]

Modern hollow-charge weapons (ATGMs, antitank grenades, HEAT projectiles) are the most effective and mass-produced antitank munitions. Despite the updating of armor protection, tanks remain vulnerable to antitank hollow-charge munitions. One promising way of tank protection is to equip tanks ...[+]

The Arena-E active protection system is intended to protect tanks and infantry combat vehicles from antitank grenades, fired from any type of grenade launchers, and antitank guided missiles launched from ground-based and heliborne launchers to defeat an armor piece by a direct hit or near ...[+]

T-80 is accepted in service in a 1976. Tank uses the same 125-mm gun and horizontal ammunition system as the T-72, though the fire control system is an improvement over that fitted to earlier Soviet tanks. The BK-29 round, with a hard penetrator in the nose is designed for use against reactive armor, and as an MP round has fragmentation effects. The more recent BK-27 HEAT round offers a triple-shaped charge warhead and 50 mm more penetration. The electronic round fuzing system for Ainet rounds is available for other tanks. This round uses technology similar to that for French Oerlikon's AHEAD rouns.

The round is specially designed to defeat targets by firing fragmentation patterns forward and radially, based on computer calculated settings from the laser range-finder and other inputs. Targets are helicopters and dug in or defilade priority ground threats, such as ATGM positions. Rate of fire is 4 rd/min. If the BK-29 HEAT-MP is used, it may substitute for Frag-HE (as with NATO countries) or complement Frag-HE. With three round natures (APFSDS-T, HEAT-MP, ATGMs) in the autoloader vs four, more antitank rounds would available for the higher rate of fire. The ATGM may be launched while moving slowly (NFI). The AT-8 can be auto-loaded with the two halves mated during ramming; but the stub charge is manually loaded.

The original night sight is the II Buran-PA (800-1300 meters range). The 12.7-mm MG NSVT has both remote electronically operated sight PZU-5 and gun-mounted K10-T reflex sight. The night sight cannot be used to launch the ATGM. The daysight can be used at night for launching ATGMs if the target is illuminated. A variety of thermal sights is available, including the Russian Agava-2, French SAGEM-produced ALIS and Namut sight from Peleng. Thermal sights are available for installation which permit night launch of ATGMs. There are thermal sights available for installation which permit night launch of ATGMs.

When fitted with explosive reactive armor [ERA] the T-80 is virtually immune over its frontal arc to penetration from all current NATO ATGMs which rely on a HEAT warhead to penetrate armor. On the turret of the T-80, the panels are joined to form a shallow chevron pointing. Explosive reactive armor is also fitted to the forward part of the turret roof to provide protection against top attack weapons. The explosive reactive armor does not provide any added protection against APDS or APFSDS attack.

125-mm 2A46M-1 smoothbore main gun/missile launcher is capable of firing APFSDS, HEAT, HE-FRAG projectiles and 9M119/9M119M laser-guided missiles. There are also two machine guns mounted: 12.7-mm NSVT removable anti-aircraft MG and 7.62mm PKT coaxial MG.
Gun ammunition can be fed manually or with automatic carousel loader ensuring 7-9 rounds/min rate of fire at tank velocity of up to 35 km/h at any turret position.
High accuracy of fire is gained through use of the computerized fire control system comprising stabilized sights, ballistic computer and two- plane armament stabilizer, as well as high velocity projectiles and barrel thermal sleeve with adjustment device.

Multi-layer armour with integrated ERA and removable side-skirts provide reliable protection against direct-hit and top-attack munitions, such as projectiles, grenades, guided missiles, cluster air bombs, etc. Mine resistance of the hull is augmented with vertical pillars and driver's seat special mounting. The T-80U is also equipped with automatic fire-extingnishing and NBC protection systems. Removable mine sweeper is mounted to make passes in minefields.
To enhance tanks survivability its observable signatures are reduced by using:

in IR range: thermal insulation of the roof and shutters, ventilation of the engine-transmission compartment;

in visual range: low silhouette, camouflaged painting, smokeless engine exhaust, smokescreen laying and entrenching equipment;

in acoustic range: rubberized elements in running gear wheels and tracks for noise reduction;

in radar range: electromagnetic wave deforming/absorbing coating.

Field operation and maintenance of the tank is facilitated by various means:

24,5 hp auxiliary electric power unit feeds gun/turret drives, radio sets, engine starter and battery charging device during engine shut-downs.

Air filters with automatic dust removal enable long marches over dusty and sandy terrains.

Engine cooling system does not require special servicing.

One-point refueling from a tanker is provided to cut on-site refueling time.

Modular design of combat compartment and power plant, quickly detachable gun barrel and removable road wheel disks help to speed up field repairs and retrofits.

Equipment for testing, training and repair, as well as additional ECM and NBC equipment is available.


T-80 MBT image #133

T-80 MBT image #134

T-80 MBT image #1591

T-80 MBT image #1592

T-80 MBT image #1593

T-80 MBT image #1594



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