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TU-22M Backfire

Total number (AF & Navy): ~ 107 
B-52 /H Stratofortress (~85)  Compare
Used in:
93 in reserve?

SU-24 Fencer battlefield bomber/R/EW | F-111 Aadwark, AF
210 210 0 0
SU-34/32FN Fullback Long range fighter-bomber | F/A-18 Hornet, USN
76 76 302 302
* where available

Table 2. MOD Commands and Deployments

  Agp 6952 AFB Srednyy(Irkutsk) 6952 AFB AF

# 62266-V. Avia Group 6952 AFB. Address: 665475, Irkutsk distr, Srednyy. ex 6953rd airbase, ex #36668. Tu-22M3. 2006-2007: to be disbanded (in reserve). 07.2007 flight exercises. 10.2007 inspected by AF staff. 08.2008 comd staff exercises. Planned staff 2009: 30 Tu-22M3, 3 Tu-22MR, 3 An-30, 1 An-26, 2 Tu-134, 2 An-12

  AGp 6950th AFB Shaikovka 6950 AFB AF

# 06987-A. Avia Group of 6950 AFB. Address: 249425, Kaluga distr, Shaikovka. ex 6951st airbase, ex #40444. ex 52 +840 bbr rgts+ 568 PAC. Tu-22M3. 1994-1996 took part in Chechen war. 08.2008 took part in war in South Ossetia. Losses: 1(2?)ac/2 pilots. Planned staff 2009: 30 Tu-22M3. 2010: +Soltsy 48 Tu-22M3. 09.2011 Tu-22M3 cruise msl launches.

  43 TsBPiPLS DA Ryazan 4 GTsPAPiPVI AF

# 62632-V. 43 Guard Orel Center of Combat Engagement and Training of Pilots of Strategic Aviation. Address: 390015, Ryazan. 2000: 8 Tu-22M, 6 Tu-95MS. 11.2006 commanders trainings headed by Strategic AF CINC. Planned staff 2009: 4 Tu-22M3, 4 -95MS. + Il-78 refuellers of ex 203 tpt rgt

  AGp 6950 AFB Olenegorsk 6950 AFB AF

# 06987-. Air Group of 6950 AFB. ex 7051st AFB Navy, ex 924 separate nav av recce rgt. 2000: 540 pers., 20 Tu-22M, 10 MR. Planned 2009: cutting and transferring to 6953 AF. 2010 transformed to 7051 airbase NOR, resubordinated to AF DA.

W. (tons): 125
Speed (km/h): 2'450
Dimensions (m): 23,3/32,3 x 42,5 x 11,1
Alt. (m): 15'000
Range (km): 7'000
M./Engine: 2 DTRD-NK25, 2 x 25'000 kgs
Man./Crew: 4
Armament: 3 AS X-22; 6 AS X-15 , 23 mm DP GSh-23M , bombs KAB500/1500 incl. nucl. 23tons


AS-16 Kickback SRAM/ Kh-15/C
The Kh-15 short-range attack missile is analogous to the the American AGM-69 SRAM. Its basic version is the Kh-15P (Article 115) antiradiation missile used for breaking through air defenses. Its Kh-15A anti-ship version (exhibited in Abu Dabi 1993 as the Kh-15S) has an inertial navigation ...[+]

Air bombs
ODAB-500 Type Fuel-air explosive bomb. Development The ODAB-500 PM bomb has been developed by Russia to provide the Russian Air Force with a high-speed low-level attack fuel-air explosive weapon for use against troops and material in the field, minefield clearance, parked aircraft and other ...[+]

AS-15* / Kh-65
Specifications and image.[+]

SS-N-27 Sizzler / P-900, 3M54 Klub family
The Club missile system is designed to destroy submarine and surface vessels and also engage static/slow-moving targets, whose co-ordinates are known in advance, even if these targets are protected by active defences and electronic countermeasures. There are two 'known' modifications of the ...[+]

AS-4A/B/* Kitchen / Kh-22/M
Built by A. Berezhnyak's "Raduga" engineering group for Tu-22 and Tu-22M aircraft, the Kh-22 can also be deployed on modified Tu-95K-22 aircraft. During experimental tests conducted from the late nineteen fifties to the early nineteen sixties the Kh-22B version had reached a speed of Mach ...[+]

In 1969 the pilot - tester V. Borovoy piloted first newest supersonic bomber, created by Tupolev's ANTK. In 1976 new bomber Tu-22M, was accepted in service in SovietAF.
Tu-22M2, changed air intakes and installation in a tail part two twinbarrel guns GSh-25.
Tu-22M3 was equipped with new air intakes based on air intakes of the plane Mig-25, new onboard electronic equipment and changed defensive arms (twinbarrel gun GSh-23M with the vertical block of trunks and enlarged rate of fire up to 4000 rds).

Tu-22M3 is intended for a defeat of the ground and marine targets by supersonic missiles /airbombs in the day and night in any meteorological conditions. For these purposes the plane is equipped with the high-power onboard electronic equipment including high-power radar, ensuring detection of the ground and marine targets, optical-electronic bombardement sight OPB-15, inertial navigational system, active and passive systems RLS.

The communication: two UHF radio stations R-832M, SW radio station R-846 and coding equipment. combat load: bombs and missiles (5000 kgs of bombs inside and 1 X-22 on the outside hardpoint), or in variant fully missilecarring or bomber.
Engines: high-power TRDDF. In a dorsal fin the auxiliary power plant TA-6, ensuring start TRAA and power supply BREO irrespective of air field sources is placed. The plane is equipped with a system of saving crew KT-1.

The ejection can be both forced for any member of crew. Tu-22M3 have the good take-off and landing and accelerating performances. The chassis threebased, with twin bottles. The main chassis - threeax, nose - monoaxial.


TU-22M Backfire image #231

TU-22M Backfire image #232

TU-22M Backfire image #233

TU-22M Backfire image #2144

TU-22M Backfire image #2211

TU-22M Backfire image #2496



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