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Database / Missiles / air-to-air  / aa-10 alamo / r-27 family missiles


Type: Air -to- Air, medium range
Year: 1983
Range (km):0.5- 80/50
Weight (kg): 253
Lenght (m): 4.08
Type of warhead: semiactive radarhoming
Carried by: su-27, su-30, su-35,yak-141, mig-29
[51]. Length: R-27R: 4080 mm (13.386 ft)
Diameter: R-27R: 230mm(9.055 in)
Missile Wt: R-27R: 254 kg (560 lbs)
Miss Dist/Kill Radius: R-27R: 11.5 m (37.73 ft)
Time of Flight: R-27R: 60 sec
Seeker Gymbol Limits: R-27R: 55
Antenna Look Angle: R-27R: 50
Guidance: R-27R:
Proportional Navigation
Missile Envelope: R-27R: Max Range (1.4 Mach/40Kft/5sq-m Tgt)
Head-On: 61 km (33.5 NM)
Tail On: 21 km (11.5 NM)
Min Range (1.4 Mach/40K ft/5sq-m Tgt)
Head-On: 02 km (01.1 NM)
Tail -On: 500-600 m (1640-1968 ft)

Type: Air -to- Air, medium range
Year: 1983
Range (km): 0.5- 70/45
Weight (kg): 245
Lenght (m): 3.8
Type of warhead: infrared (heat-seeking)
Carried by: su-27, su-30, su-35,yak-141, mig-29

Type: Air -to- Air, medium range
Year: 1985
Range (km): 0.5- 130/60
Weight (kg): 350
Lenght (m): 4.78
Type of warhead: semiactive radarhoming
Carried by: su-27, su-30, su-35,yak-141, mig-29

Type: Air -to- Air, medium range
Year: 1985
Range (km): 0.5- 120/55
Weight (kg): 348
Lenght (m): 4.5
Type of warhead: infrared (heat seeking)
Carried by: su-27, su-30, su-35,yak-141, mig-29

Type: Air -to- Air, medium range
Year: 1990
Range (km): 0.5- 130/60
Weight (kg): 350
Lenght (m): 4.78
Type of warhead: active radarhoming
Carried by: su-27, su-35, yak-141, mig-29

Launch range, km:
against fighter-type targets
50 - 60
60 - 62.5
against some other targets
up to 75
up to 100 (90)
Missile dimensions, m:
body diameter
at control unit section
at solid-fuel rocket section
wing span
control plane span
Warhead type
rod-type load-carrying
rod-type load-carrying
Warhead weight, kg
Launch weight, kg
Engine type
one-mode solid rocket
two-modesolid rocket


MIG-29/MIG-35 Fulcrum Counter-Air Fighter
During the MAKS '97 Air Show, the President of the Russian Federation Boris Yeltsin stayed over half an hour, instead of the scheduled five minutes, in the pavilion of the MIG "MAPO." He was attracted by the latest updated version of the famous MiG-29SMT fighter. Impressively built President ...[+]

YAK-141 Freestyle V/STOL multirole fighter
The Yakovlev Yak-141 'Freestyle' was to have been Russia's second generation V/STOL fighter to replace Yak-38s on 'Kiev' class carriers, but official development was cancelled due to a lack of funding. The operational limitations of the Yak-38 -it is subsonic, has poor payload range performance ...[+]

MIG-25 Foxbat Interceptor/ reconnaissance aircraft
The Foxbat is a high-performance, high-altitude interceptor. This fast interceptor has also been deployed as a high altitude reconnaissance platform. Given the NATO reporting name 'Foxbat', the MiG-25 was designed to intercept the US XB-70 bomber and Lockhead SR-71 that was to have been capable ...[+]

SU-27 Flanker air superiority fighter
Su-27 - answer of Russia to creation in USA of a fighter F-15 intended for a gain of domination in an air and having unique battle(dashing) possibilities. The journal Interavia has named Su-27 as the most capable fighter in the world . The beginning of the biography Su-27, machine of ...[+]

Su-30 Two-seat multirole fighter
An analysis of air force inventories in the majority of countries in the Asia-Pacific region indicates that local fighter forces mostly consist of obsolete U.S.-made F-5 and F-4 aircraft. Only a few air forces are armed with relatively new versions of the F-16 and F/A-18 fighters. Purchases ...[+]

SU-35 all-weather counter-air fighter
Advanced development of Su-27; airframe, power plant, avionics and armament all upgraded; quadruplex digital fly-by-wire controls under development by Avionika; longitudinal static instability; tandem 'triplane' layout, with foreplanes; double-slotted flaperons; taller, square-tip twin tailfins ...[+]

SU-37 multirole fighter
Emphasis on super-agility, typified by kulbit manoeuvre in which Su-37 pitches up rapidly beyond vertical, through a tight 360? somersault within its own length, and pulls out to resume level flight with minimal height loss. Alexander Andrianov Military Parade editor As an air superiority ...[+]

S32/37 Golden Eagle Su-47 Firkin
The local and foreign press have published articles reporting that in the S-37 Russia has created a "multi-purpose fighter of the fifth generation, combining features of a supersonic super maneuverable aircraft undetectable by radar and infra-red surveillance devices." S-37 Current ...[+]

SU-34/32FN Fullback Long range fighter-bomber
The Su-34 is a two seat (side by side, rather than tandem) development of the Su-27 fighter intended for long range strike, replacing older types such as the Su-17, MiG-27 and Su-24, while the Su-32FN is a shore based maritime strike fighter. When the Su-34 first appeared in 1991 confusion ...[+]

PAK-FA Sukhoi T-50
Development of Russia's LFI (logkiy frontovoi istrebitel) lightweight tactical fighter has been dramatically accelerated after the Russian Air Force decided its priorities for the next 10 years. Revealed here exclusively as the I-2000 (Istrebitel {fighter} 2000) project, the aircraft is due ...[+]

The R-27 medium-range missile is a component of the MiG-29 armament. In its overall characteristics the R-27R is generally comparable to the the American AIM-7M Sparrow missile, which it is said to surpasse it in certain combat capabilities. The R-27 is designed according to a modular principle and is the base for a family of missiles equipped with various types of homing heads and propulsion systems. Several versions of this missile have been produced in Russia with infrared, semi-active and active radar guidance. The AA-10 Alamo-C has a range of 130 km, while other variants have a maximum range of between 70 to 170 kilometers.
The R-27 standardized medium-range guided missile became operational in 1985, intended for MiG-29 and Su-27 frontal aviation fighters. The R-27 is capable of engaging manned and unmanned targets in long-range and close maneuverable air-to-air combat. It can be employed both in individual as well as group operations of platform aircraft. It supports the intercept of targets moving from different directions against the background of the earth's and water's surface in any weather conditions.

The R-27R is equipped with a semiactive radar homing head. The R-27R is equipped with an active radar proximity fuze and impact fuze and a continuous-rod warhead. It is guided to the target by a combination method according to the proportional navigation method: inertially with radiocorrection of trajectory in the initial flight phase, and homing in the terminal phase. This provides for reliable target lock-on at long ranges from the launching aircraft. The missile can be guided along special trajectories to create favorable conditions for homing head and proximity fuze operation. It is capable of going around a plume of passive jamming, of being moved out of the main lobe of the platform's radar, and of approaching a low-flying target from above at a given angle.

The missile has a canard aerodynamic configuration with an axially symmetric cruciform arrangement of aerodynamic surfaces. Control surfaces of original (so-called "butterfly") configuration permit using the same surfaces both for missile yaw and pitch control as well as for its roll stabilization. Each of the four control surfaces has an independent hydraulic drive with a pump-accumulator system for supplying pressure fluid. Canard surfaces are mounted ahead of them. Changing their size ensures identical balance characteristics of the missile when the homing head is replaced.

R-27 (AA-10) "ALAMO" Missile Family: (known as Izdeliye 470)
Su-27 Variants:
R-27R AA-10a Alamo A SB-SA APU-470 pylon
R-27T AA-10b Alamo B SB-IR
APU-470 pylon
R-27RE AA-10c Alamo C LB-SA APU-73-1D pylon
R-27AE AA-10c mod Alamo C mod LB-SA APU-73-1D pylon
R-27EM AA-10c mod Alamo C mod LB-SA APU-73-1D pylon
R-27E AA-10d Alamo D LB-IR
APU-73-1D pylon
MiG-29 Variants:
R-27R1 AA-10a mod Alamo A mod SB-SA APU-470
launcher rail
R-27T AA-10b Alamo B SB-IR
R-27T1 AA-10b mod Alamo B SB-IR for
R-27RE1 AA-10c mod Alamo C LB-SA for MiG-29S/SE
R-27TE AA-10d mod Alamo D LB-IR for
R-27TE1 AA-10d mod Alamo D LB-IR for MiG-29S/SE

The R-27T1 and R-27ET1 medium-range air-to-air missiles with semi-active radar homing heads are designed to engage air targets by day and night, in fair and adverse weather conditions, in the front and rear hemispheres, also against diverse underlying surfaces with enemys active evasive manoeuvring and intensive jamming.
The missiles pursue their targets in accordance with an updated proportional navigation method both in the inertial/radio-corrected flight trajectory phase and in the semi-active homing phase after locking on target en route.
The missiles fusing systems are based on radar proximity and impact target sensors. The missile layouts are characterized by modular design. Both missiles are intended for arming MiG/Su-type combat aircraft.


AA-10 Alamo / R-27 FAMILY MISSILES image #443

AA-10 Alamo / R-27 FAMILY MISSILES image #444

AA-10 Alamo / R-27 FAMILY MISSILES image #445

AA-10 Alamo / R-27 FAMILY MISSILES image #446

AA-10 Alamo / R-27 FAMILY MISSILES image #447

AA-10 Alamo / R-27 FAMILY MISSILES image #1832



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