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Total number (active): ~80
M2/M3A3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle Systems (~1602)  Compare
Used in:

BMD-2 | M113A1 APC
849 849 20000 20000
BMP-1 | M113A1 APC
658 658 20000 20000
BMP-2 | M113A1 APC
1974 1974 20000 20000
BMP-3 | M2/M3A3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle Systems
616 616 1602 1602
BTR-70 Armored Personnel Carrier | M113A1 APC
95 95 20000 20000
BTR-80 /82A | M113A1 APC
1292 1292 20000 20000
* where available

Configuration 8x8
Combat weight, kg 20,920
Crew, persons 10
Engine multi-fuel Diesel, turbo-charged, liquid-cooled
Turning radius, m: with front wheels control 14
with hydro-volume gear 6
Clearance, mm 510
Max speed, km/h: 100/9
Fuel endurance, km 800
Armament: 30-mm 2A42 automatic gun, 7.62-mm PKT machine-gun, 30-mm AG-17 grenade launcher, ATGMS, man-portable AD system
Aiming angles, deg: -5 ... +75, 360
Ammunition load, pcs:
for 2A42 gun 500
for PKT machine-gun 2,000
for AG-17 grenade launcher 400
anti-tank guided missiles 4
air defence missiles 2

The BTR-90 Armoured Personnel Carrier is a 21st century combat vehicle possessing high mobility, enhanced firepower and survivability due to innovations, implemented in design and armament.

The BTR-90 APC outperforms significantly both well-known Russian APCs and up-to-date foreign-made APCs, due to its superior technical characteristics, enhanced fire power, mobility, and survivability.

Both mechanised infantry and marines can employ this vehicle for fire support, personnel transportation, surveillance, reconnaissance, and patrolling tasks.

A wide variety of highly mobile vehicles with sufficient armour protection for combat, command, control, communication, technical and medical support missions can be developed on the basis of the BTR-90 chassis.

The BTR-90 APC has a closed hull made of welded armoured steel plates.

The hull layout is developed on the basis of the combat experience in various regions of the world and expertise assessments.

The power plant is located in the aft, combat compartment - in the front, assault team compartment - in the middle of the body. This provides the most adventurous distribution of payload on the tires and favourable conditions for aimed employment of the APCís organic armament and assault teamís weapons on the move, as well as concentration of fire of all weapons in front hemisphere.

The commander and gunner are accommodated in the turret, and the driver and seven troopers - in the middle part of the vehicle. The commander is able to carry out all-round surveillance, target designation and, if necessary, take control over organic weapons.

The members of the crew and assault team can use top hatches of the turret and the hull, as well as middle side doors for dismounting/boarding, even on the move.

The organic weapon set is located in the rotating turret and stabilised in two planes. It comprises the 30-mm 2A42 automatic gun, 7.62-mm PKT coaxial machine-gun, and 30-mm AG-17 grenade launcher. The launcher of an up-to-date anti-tank guided missile system is installed on the turret to engage heavy armoured tank-type targets. A detachable launching unit allows launching anti-tank missiles from the ground also.

organic weaponry is capable of engaging targets on the move, while a fire control system ensures round-the-clock aimed shooting capability. The fire control system comprises the BPKZ-42 gunnerís combined day/night sight and 1P-13 commanderís optical sight. At customerís request, the BPK-M gunnerís sight with a thermal imaging module produced by the SAT Company, France, can be installed.

While employing organic weaponry set to render fire support for the mechanised infantry unit, the crew is capable of engaging lightly armoured targets at the distance of up to 2,500 m, helicopters and fortified installations Ė at 2,000 Ö 2,500 m, manpower located in the open, on reverse hill slopes and in trenchesĖ at 4,000 m, as well as small Ėsize targets, i.e. ATGMS and anti-tank artillery crews.

The APCís firepower is supplemented by assault rifles and light machine-gun of the assault team. Moreover, troopers have the ďIglaĒ or ďStrelaĒ man-portable air defence system at their disposal. The assault team is capable to fire its weapons through the side portholes of the hull, open hatches, or from the ground while being dismounted.

The propulsion set with a powerful multi-fuel engine and hydro-mechanical transmission, 8x8 formula employed, independent torsion-bar wheel suspension unit with significant stroke of power-consuming telescopic hydro-absorbers, high road clearance, combat-endurable tires and tire pressure control system Ė all these features ensure high maximum speed of up to 100 km/h, average speed of more than 50 km/h, and high cross-country ability comparable to that of tracked vehicles.

The hydro-volume gear for manoeuvring in space-limited area provides reduction of turning radius down to 6 m, while implementing four-front-wheel turn.

The BTR-90 APC negotiates easily 2.1m trenches, 30% slopes, and 0.8m vertical walls. It is also capable of negotiating water barriers afloat at a speed of 9 km/h straight off without preparation.

The BTR-90 APC can be redeployed by truck/rail/water/air transportation means. It is also capable of landing from assault amphibious ships and entering into them from the water.

Due to combat-endurable tires, the mobility is retained even after explosions of anti-personnel mines under the wheels or small arms shots.

The front armour provides reliable protection against small-calibre automatic guns, while side armour protects against large-calibre machine-gun fire and artillery round fragments. Additional armour can be installed to enhance protective capability.

The BTR-90 APC is equipped with collective NBC protection facilities, automatic fire fighting system, and a system for remote laying of smoke screen. Duplicated electrical and compressed air engine start systems ensure high combat readiness of the vehicle. While the vehicle is damaged being afloat, the incoming water is removed by a drainage facility. Optional air conditioning system and cooling unit ensure sufficient habitability of the vehicle and high combat readiness of the crew.

The onboard information control system (OICS) facilitates effective automatic control over a transmission, an engine and diagnosis of the other main vehicle units.

Communication is maintained by the R-163-50U radio set, R-163UP receiver, and R-174 intercom device.

The change of the world's geopolitical situation and frequent local military conflicts aggravated by a considerable reduction of army personnel strength call for the creation of highly mobile, agile and well-protected vehicles with armament capable of accomplishing modern combat mission with high effectiveness.

Wheeled armored vehicles are most suitable for the accomplishment of such missions. It is not accidental that a number of leading countries intensively develop wheeled armored personnel carriers. By the beginning of the 21st century they are expected to constitute a considerable part of the vehicle pool for ground forces.

Designers of the GAZ Motor Vehicle Plant have developed a new BTR-90 wheeled armored personnel carrier (APC) which considerably outperforms world-renowned Russian BTR-60PB, BTR-70 and BTR-80 carriers as well as similar foreign armored personnel carriers manufactured at present. The advantage of the BTR-90 is especially noticeable in terms of the three main parameters:

- firepower;

- mobility, cross-country ability and agility;

- protection.

As is known, the APC armament comprises, as a rule, a 12.7 or 14.5mm large caliber machine gun and a coaxial 7.62mm machine gun. Of late, 25 or 30mm small caliber guns are installed instead of large caliber machine guns.

The fighting compartment of the BTR-90 mounts four types of weapons. These include the 30mm 2A42 automatic gun, the 7.62mm PKT machine gun, the 30mm AG-17 grenade launcher and the Konkurs antitank guided missile (ATGM) system.

The fighting compartment is stabilized in two planes. It allows stationary and mobile fire, both day and night, at various targets (including tanks) at ranges in excess of 4,000 m; infantry combat vehicles, helicopters and engineer works at ranges of 2,000 to 2,500 m; hostile manpower, either unsheltered, entrenched or located on reverse hill slopes, at a range of 4,000 m; as well as pinpoint targets such as ATGM crews and antitank guns.

A comfortable fighting compartment accommodates the gunner and the vehicle commander. To enhance the APC's firing capabilities, the vehicle commander is provided with an all-round view of the situation, which allows him to override the weapon control and engage the target, should the gunner fail to see it.

The fighting compartment also houses the BPKZ-42 day/night sight for the gunner and the 1P-13 day vision device and the radio set for the commander. At customer's request, the fighting compartment can be outfitted with a gunner's sight (type BPK-M) with a thermal module manufactured by SAT of France.

In addition, a high load-carrying capacity (7 t) and a considerable inner volume (13 m3) of the BTR-90 allow the installation of heavier weapon systems such as a fighting compartment of the BMP-3 ICV, an antitank gun, a 120mm cannon, air defense and antitank missile systems, etc


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