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Database / Navy / mine warfare  / 266* akvamarine/natya i/ii class

266* Akvamarine/Natya I/II class

total active:10


  • State of the Russian Navy

    BLS  6
    NOR  2
    PAC  2
    * where available

    Table 1. Active ships [NAVY]

    MT-264 (738) Sredne-Nevsky SSZ    117 BRKOVR PAC   +  

    Mk 266ME

    MT-265 (718) Sredne-Nevsky SSZ    117 BRKOVR PAC   +  

    Mk 266ME. 10.2012 tactical exercises.

    KOMENDOR Sredne-Nevsky SSZ  1974  144 TG NOR   +  

    MASHINIST (834) Sredne-Nevsky SSZ  1975  144 TG NOR   +  

    KOVROVETS (913) Sredne-Nevsky SSZ    150 TG BLS   +  

    ex-Navodchik. 2005: 70% contract service. 06.2010 visited Abkhazia. 10.2011 tactical exercises. 03.2015 K-2 exercises. 3.2015 strategic comd staff exercises. 02-05.2016 Mediterrian.

    IVAN GOLUBETS (911) Sredne-Nevsky SSZ  1973  150 TG BLS   +  

    ex-Radist. 03.2015 K-2 exercises. 3.2015 strategic comd staff exercises.

    TURBINIST (912) Sredne-Nevsky SSZ  1975  150 TG BLS   +  

    08.2008 took part in war in South Ossetia. 10.2011 tactical exercises.

    VITSE-ADMIRAL ZHUKOV (909) Sredne-Nevsky SSZ  1977  150 TG BLS   +  


    VALINTIN PIKUL' (770) Sredne-Nevsky SSZ  2003  170 DNTSch BLS   +  

    Mk 02668- I. Novorossiisk base. 06.2012 K-2 exercises. 03.2015 K-2 exercises. 3.2015 strategic comd staff exercises. 08.2015 tactical exercises. 05.2016 Mediterrian.

    VITSE-ADMIRAL ZAKHAR'IN Sredne-Nevsky SSZ  2009  170 DNTSch BLS   +  

    Mk 02668- II. Launched: 26.05.2006. Undergoing sea trials. 12.2007 formed crew. 08.2008 entered Novorossiisk, BLS. 17.01.2009 commissioned by Navy. 08.2012 Doverie-2012 exercises. 08.2015 tactical exercises.

    Full displacement 804 t
    Standard displacement 750 t
    Length overall 61 m
    Beam overall 10.2 m
    Mean draught at full displacement 3.0 m
    Maximum speed 16 +/- 0.5 kn
    Cruising speed 12 kn
    Design range at cruising speed 3000 nm
    Endurance 15 days
    Hull material low magnetic steel
    Bollard pull at 10-14 kn. speed 20-10 t
    Sea keeping unlimited

    Main engines - 2xM503B-37 with maximum
    output 2x2250 at tropical conditions
    2xVR226 AE-TM Controllable Pitch propellers

    4X200 kW 7D12 diesels with MSK-103-4 generators
    Voltage AC 400/3/50.

    2xRBU-1200 Multiple Rocket-propelled Bomb
    system - ASW
    UDME Mines - 8 pieces
    Artillery - 2xAK-306 30 mm Gun mounts with

    Igla-1 Portable AA missiles

    Navigation Radar
    Gyro course indicator
    Radio direction finder
    GPS Indicator-receiver

    HF Transceivers
    MF/UHF Transceivers
    UHF Transceivers
    All band Receivers

    Radar, magnetic and acoustic signatures do not exceed those of worlds best designs

    Var.1 (Russia) Var.2 (France)
    MCM system comprising Thomson Marconi Sonar
    Hull mounted sonar MG-89M TSM2022.MK.3
    Propelled Variable depth sonar Mayovka-E PVDS on Double Eagle
    Mine disposal vehicle Mayovka-E Double Eagle
    Tactical system MCM automatic control TSM 2061
    Contact sweep GKT-2 GKT-2
    Influence acoustic sweeps AT type AT type


    Gun armament
    As demonstrated by the experience of local conflicts, the role of naval gun armament increased considerably in recent years despite the intensive introduction of missile armament. Heightened attention to naval gun armament is attributable first and foremost to the wane in the euphoria of naval ...[+]

    SA-13 GOPHER / 9K35 Strela-10
    ZRK-BD Strela-10 The SA-13 GOPHER [ZRK-BD Strela-10] is a short-range, low altitude SAM system. The SA-13 missile (9M37) is 2.2 m long, 0.12 m in diameter with a 0.4 m wingspan and has a maximum speed of Mach 2. It carries a 5 kg HE warhead and is fitted with either an improved passive lead ...[+]

    ASW Udav
    The UDAV-1 system is designed to use different types of rockets for highly efficient multi-layer defence of surface ships against torpedoes. The system is also capable of engaging submarines and frogmen. The system comprises: the KT-153 remotely controlled multi-barrel automated launcher ...[+]

    Sea Mines
    Russian naval mines are unrivaled for their performance characteristics, reliability and ease of operation. Russian scientists and designers of virtually all classes of mines have captured the lead in their development. Naval mines may be "dangerous invisible" enemy or partner enabling ...[+]

    This MSM vessel capable to destroy mines in remote waterways by mean mechanical, acoustic sweepes and in front of itself at safety distance by MDV.

    Offshore MCM operations in remote waterways, oil rigs and fishing areas.
    The ship could also be used for training, patrol, landing and mine laying purposes.

    Standard general-purpose oceangoing minesweeper; also intended as a coastal ASW escort in wartime. Production resumed in the 1990's, apparently mainly for export, but several of the new units were acquired by the Russian navy. Later units vary in weapons and electronics.

    Natya II: Variant of the standard 'Natya-I' class outfitted as a trials ship for a new minehunting sonar. Probably capable of serving as an operational minehunter. Most armament and sweep gear omitted from this unit.

    Classification: Morskoy Tral'shchick (MT); seagoing minesweeper.

    Builders: Sudostroil'noye Obyedieneniye (Almaz), Sredniy Neva, Kolpino; Khabarovsk SY; built 1979-1980, 1991-present.

    Disposals/Reserve: Several sisters stricken, sold, or converted.

    Designed to hunt, sweep and destroy mines.
    The degaussing gear comprises common and local shipboard coils used to compensate the fields induced by large items of machinery. It is controlled via an automatic system providing for the compensation of eddy currents occurring in the hull during oscillatory motions.

    All parts contacting the sea water are coated with dielectric material. All sound-producing mechanisms are mounted on sound-absorbing cushions with rubber coating material cemented to their bases; all pipelines are fitted with flexible inserts. The ships hull is made from low-magnetic steel and light alloys. The ship is fitted with large-diameter low-noise propellers.

    Main diesels are mounted on longitudinal vibrationdamping beams. Propellers are protected with noisereducing shrouds. Cavitation and noise monitoring equipment is installed. To compensate the electric field, use is made of adjustable protectors.
    The minesweeping gear includes a deep sweep featuring new control devices, mobile mine demolition
    sweep, three-channel wide-band towed TV-operated mine detector-destructor, versatile mine detectordestructor, and a new bottom mine hunting sonar.
    The stern slip makes it possible to mechanize the sweep setting and lifting operations. Special-purpose optronic equipment is installed to detect floating mines 24 hours a day. Operation of major systems and various facilities is automated. Light high-speed diesels are remote-controlled via a self-adjustable pneumatic control system. All deck mechanisms are hydraulically driven. The minesweeper is equipped with CBR defense system. All living spaces are airconditioned.
    While the ship can be operated at any sea state, its armament can be employed at sea state up to 4.


    MSO Kovrovets, Sevastopol

    MSO Valentin Pikul

    266* Akvamarine/Natya I/II class image #2503

    266* Akvamarine/Natya I/II class image #2504



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