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Database / Navy / corvettes  / 20380 stereguschyy

20380 Stereguschyy

total active:4


  • State of the Russian Navy
  • Active corvettes
  • In reserve/decommissioned corvettes

    BAL  4
    * where available
    FSG Tarantul 2
    FSG Tarantul II 3
    FSG Tarantul III 16
    FSG Nanuchka I 5
    FSG Nanuchka III 7
    FSG Nanuchka IV 1
    PGGF Dergach 2
    FFL Grisha I 1
    FFL Grisha II 6
    FFL Grisha V 12
    FFL Parchim II 7
    PTH Turya 3
    Stereguschyy 4
    21630 Buyan 3
    21631 5
    AC 1204 5

    Table 1. Active ships [NAVY]

    531 SOOBRAZITELNY #190 Severnaya  14.10.2011  128 BRNK BAL   +  

    20380-II. Keel laid down on May, 2003. 2009: painted, planned for sea trials 2010. 14.10.2011 entered Navy. 10.2011 tactical sea exercises. 04.2012 control exercises, arty firings. 02.09.2012 fire aboard during exercises in Denmark. Repairs till May 2013. 08.2014 ASW exercises. 09.2014 AD exercises, tactical exercises. 11.2014 AD exercises. 01.2015 K-1 exercises. 02, 04.2015 arty firings. 06, 09.2015 AD exercises. 09.2015 Schit Soyuza-2015 exercises.

    532 BOIKYY #190 Severnaya  16.05.2013  128 BRNK BAL   +  

    20380-III. Keel laid down on Jul 27, 2005. 04.2011 launched. 10.2012 sea trials. 16.05.2013 entered Navy. 08.2014 ASW exercises. 01.2015 K-1 exercises. 04.2015 ASW exercises. 09.2015 Schit Soyuza-2015 exercises. 10.2015 ASW exercises. 04.2016 AD exercises. 07.2016 North Sea.

    545 STOIKY #190 Severnaya  18.07.2014  128 BRNK BAL   +  

    20380-V. Keel laid down on Nov 10, 2006. Launched 30.05.2012. 01.2015 K-1 exercises. 05.2015 ASW exercises. 09.2015 Schit Soyuza-2015 exercises. 7.2016 North Sea.

    530 STEREGUSCHYY #190 Severnaya  19.11.2007  128 BRNK BAL   +  

    20380-I. Keel laid down on Dec 21, 2001. Planned 19+. Launched on May 16, 2006. Undergoing sea trials. 27.02.2008 entered Navy. 2008 commander: cap 3 r Mikhail Burkin. 10.2008 made transfer from Baltyysk to Kronshtadt wit BAL CINC aboard. 2009 planned for overhaul. 06.2009 sistership durin visit of Indian frigate to Kronshtadt, naval salon. 05.2010 sistership during visit of USS Kaufmann in St Petersburg. 10.2011 tactical sea exercises. 11.2014 ASW trainings. 01.2015 K-1 exercises.

    SOVERSHENNYY Amurskyy SSZ  Pending  PAC   pending  

    20380-IV. Keel laid down on Jun 30, 2006. Launched 22.05.2015.

    GROMKY Amurskyy SSZ  Pending  PAC   pending  

    20380-VIII. Keel laid: 04.2012. Planned for 2015.

    ALDAR TSYDEDZHAPOV Amursky yard  Pending  PAC   pending  

    20380-IX. Laid 22.07.2015.

    REZKY Amurskyy SSZ  Pending  PAC   pending  

    20380-X. Laid: 01.07.2016.

    GREMYASCHY #190 Severnaya  Pending  NOR   pending  

    20385-I. Keel laid: 01.02.2012.

    PROVORNYY #190 Severnaya  Pending  BLS   pending  

    20385-II. Keel laid: 25.07.2013

    RETIVY #190 Severnaya  Pending  BAL   pending  

    20380-VI. Keel laid: 20.02.2015

    STROGY #190 Severnaya  Pending  BAL   pending  

    20380-VII. Keel laid: 20.02.2015

    NA #190 Severnaya  Planned    pending  


    NA #190 Severnaya  Planned    pending  


    NA #190 Severnaya  Planned    pending  


    Length overall 93.9 m
    Length at WL 84.6 m
    Beam at deck 13.0 m
    Depth at the fore 9.4 m
    Depth amidships 7.8 m
    Depth at transom 7.8 m
    Full displacement ab.1900 t
    Maximum speed 26-27 kn
    Range at 14 kn cruise speed with full fuel stores 4000 nm
    Endurance with maximum fresh water and provision stores 15 days
    Crew, including helo team 90

    Twin shaft CODAD system, comprising:
    4 16D49 diesels 24.000hp (17.9 MW), power supply AC 380/220V, 50 Hz, 4x630 kw diesel

    Basic power supply AC 380/220V, 50 Hz.
    4x630 kw diesel gensets.

    8xYAKHONT anti ship missiles in 2 launchers
    6xMEDVEDKA-VE anisubmarine missiles in one launcher
    A190 gun mount 100mm caliber
    2xKASHTAN-M close-in AA missile-artillery system
    2xMTPU pedstal mashine gun 14.5 mm caliber

    Observation and target designation Radar system
    Attack missile target designation Radar system
    Artillery fire control Radar system
    Two optronic fire control systems for AA close-in weapons
    ECM Radar system
    Chaff and decoy launcher system with four launchers
    CO's electronic commamd console
    Sonar system with hull mounted and towed arrays
    Anti diver sonar system
    Air search radar: Furke-E 3D, E/F band
    Surface search radar: Granit Central Scientific Institute Garpun-B/3Ts-25E/PLANK SHAVE radar
    Monument targeting radar
    Fire control radar: Ratep 5P-10E Puma for A-190
    HOT FLASH radar
    Sonar: Zarya-ME suite, bow mounted. Vinyetka low frequency active/passive towed array
    Navigation: GORIZONT-25 integrated navigation system

    Integrated navigated system, compring gyro, magnetic compass, echosounder, log, radio direction finder, satellite system. The details of navaids complement could be specified on Customer choice.

    The complement of communication system is provided under Customer specifications.

    Active roll motions damper
    Helicopter, hangar, flight deck
    Launching/retrieving device for a towed sonar

    12 VLS Redut (12-48 missiles)
    8 Paket
    8 Uran-U (range: 260 km)
    Furke, Monument, Puma, Zarya

    16 VLS Redut (16-64 missiles),
    8 VLS UKSK (Oniks, Kalibr) instead of Uran AShM


    AS-20 Kayak / SS-N-25 Switchblade / Kh-35 Uran
    [8] In 1972 the Zvezda-Strela State Scientific-Industrial Center (GNPTs) group began working on the Uran (Western SS-N-25) anti-ship missile system for ships of various classes. The Kh-35 antiship cruise missile can be used by surface ships and motor boats, coastal reconnaissance/strike systems, ...[+]

    SS-N-26 Strobile Yakhont/Oniks P-800
    Forty years ago, on November 22, 1957, following the launch of a P-5 cruise missile from a submarine, the OKB-52 Experimental Design Bureau, today the Machine-Building Research and Production Association, entered a new stage in its history. For the first time the missile was fired directly ...[+]

    100mm A-190-5P-10
    The system is intended to engage sea, coastal and air targets. The system comprises: - 5P-10 shipborne fire control radar system; - 100mm lightened gun mount (one or two pieces); - various types of artillery ammunition for engagement of sea, coastal and air targets (including ammunition items ...[+]

    SA-N-11 Grisom / Kortik (Kashtan)
    The KASHTAN Air Defence Gun/Missile System is intended to provide self-defence for surface ships against high precision weapons (anti-ship and anti-radar missiles, air bombs), fixed and rotary wing aircraft, as well as to engage small sea and coastal targets. The system is developed as a ...[+]

    Designed to destroy torpedoes fired against surface ships. The Paket-E/NK system includes: - special-purpose target designation sonar; - automated control subsystem; - antitorpedo missile; - container-launcher; - launcher. The target designation sonar serves to automatically detect and classify ...[+]

    SS-N-27 Sizzler / P-900, 3M54 Klub family
    The Club missile system is designed to destroy submarine and surface vessels and also engage static/slow-moving targets, whose co-ordinates are known in advance, even if these targets are protected by active defences and electronic countermeasures. There are two 'known' modifications of the ...[+]

    Recognized as an unsuccessful project 12441 corvette, the new requirements to the construction and arming of warships, the concept of ships of type "corvette",- put on the agenda the task of creating a completely new ship, ensuring the competitiveness to foreign manufacturers of a similar class of ships.
    As a result of development work TSKB Almaz - 1TSNII it was proposed project of multipurpose corvette 22380, which meets modern requirements of naval armament, electronic equipment, CICS, using a ship's lines of stealth technology, modular design and highly automated ship systems. It was decided to build a series of ships on the Severnaya Yard and the Amur Shipbuilding Plant.

    The ship's hull, steel superstructure smooth-desk with 3-layer composite materials (fiberglass layout and carbon fiber), located on the side to side. The use of composites in conjunction with the layout and architectural features of the ship have been effective in reducing the ESR of 0.5 to 0.1 by targerting of homing anti-ship missiles.
    Contours of the underwater part of the corvette helped to reduce the water resistance of up to 25% at maximum speed, which allowed the ship to set more energy-intensive and compact powerplant that as a result, given the release of up to 20% displacement of corvettes for placement of additional equipment, weapons and fuel. Improved navigability provided by including the use of active stabilizers, allows the use of major weapons at sea level up to 5 points.

    Twoshafts Main machinery-diesel-diesel (CODAD) includes 4 x DDA1200, similar to submarine platforms located on the depreciation to reduce noise. Each DDA as part of a diesel engine 16D49 (6,000 hp) with reverse reverse gear, comprising two engines to run on a twin propeller shaft as well as individually. DDA work in two five-blade propeller shaft with fixed pitch propellers. Power supply ship - 4 DG 22-26DG x 630kW 380V 50Hz.
    Powerplant delivers maximum speed of 27-29 knots, the range autonomously at an economic speed (14 knots) is 4000 miles.
    Based on operating experience of the heag ship the customer suggests to switch machinery to gas turbine powerplant (CODAG) manufactured by NPO Saturn in future upgrades of the project.

    Electronic equipment of the ship is a single integrated system consisting of CICS "Sigma-20 380," Radar "Furke-2" (in a spherical radome, the detection range - 110 km), "Monument-A" (in the fairing in the integrated Mast corvette, the detection range of surface targets in active mode - 45-90 km, detection range in passive mode - 50-500 km), two stations receive data from external sources ZU "Sandal-V", two NaviRLS MR-231-2 ( plus "Pal-N" in Soobrazitelny), hydroacoustic complex "Zarya-2" with the antenna in the nose bulbous fairing (range of detection of underwater targets - 19 km), GAS "Vignette-M" with a flexible elongated towed antenna (target detection range Type PL - 20 km in a passive / 60 miles in the active mode), GAS "Anapa-M" (optional OGAS "Pallas" as a means of detecting PDSS), "Packet A" complex", an automated communication complex ("Ruberoid"), EW equipment (four PK-10 - two between the helipad and hangar, and two behind A-190, and a set of jamming TK-25-2), navigation (NC "Csardas-20 380" ) and state recognition system, navigation system for naval helicopter OSPV-20 380.

    The main antiship weapons complex of 20380 class corvette are AShMs Uran, consisting of two 4-containers inclined at 35 to the deck, still fixed rail launchers, located across the center line in the middle of the hull. Effective range is 130 km.
    Futher ship modernization - project 20385, starting from 5th ship, involves replacement of AShM Uran with 8 VLS UKSK AShMs Oniks- Caliber.

    Air Defence weapons of the head and serial production ships are also amended. If the head corvette of pr 20380 ADM presented by Kortik-M with a range of 10 km, consisting of one unit with two 30-mm six-barrel machine guns and eight SAM launchers (ammo - 32 9M311 missiles and 3,000 rounds) in the bow of the ship, MANPADS Igla and 2 AK-630M (aft) then serial Pr 20381 ships will be equipped with 3x4 VLS SAM "Redut" with range of up to 150 km (12 or 32 missiles 9M96M 9M96E or a combination thereof). In project 20385 VLS would increase to 4x4 (respectively 16 9M96M SAM 48 missiles 9M96E).

    Artillery unit A-190-5P-10 "Puma", which is located in the bow, provides rate of 80 rounds / min at a distance of 21 km at an altitude of 15 km with 332 ammo shot.
    Anti-sabotage armament (bPDSS) is represented by two rocket-propelled grenades DP-64 with common ammunition 240 grenades. In addition, ship is equipped with two 14.5-mm machine guns.

    Aviation equipment presented by helicopter Ka-27 for which the at stern of the corvette are hangar and helipad, as well as set the tank up to 20 tons of aviation fuel. The helicopter tasks included search and detection of enemy submarines and targeting.


    20380 Stereguschyy image #795

    20380 Stereguschyy image #796

    20380 Stereguschyy image #1147

    20380 Stereguschyy image #1148

    Corvette Steregushyy

    20380 Stereguschyy image #1690

    20380 Stereguschyy image #1691

    20380 Stereguschy at Severnaya yard

    Launch of Stereguschy corvette at Severnaya yard

    530 Stereguschy sea trials

    Steregushyy at pier

    20380 Stereguschyy image #1926

    20380 Stereguschyy image #1927

    20380 Stereguschyy image #1928

    20380 Stereguschyy image #1929

    20380 Stereguschyy image #2064

    20380 Stereguschyy image #2065

    20380 Stereguschyy image #2285

    20380 Stereguschyy image #2334

    20380 Stereguschyy image #2482



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