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Database / Air Force / armament / unguided rockets  / s-13 unguided aircraft rockets


The S-13 unguided aircraft rockets are classified as airto-ground rockets. The basic rocket is a concretepiercing rocket, type S-13, comprising an extended high-energy solid-propellant rocket motor and penetrating warhead.
The S-13 rocket boasts a number of modifications with
different warheads:
- S-13T with two-module HE fragmentation concretepiercing warhead;
- S-13-OF with HE fragmentation warhead;
- S-13D with fuel-air explosive warhead;
- S-13DF with enhanced power fuel-air explosive warhead.


Unguided missiles
The weapon system had been built to help tackle a major task facing front-line and army-level aviation, that of destroying hostile aircraft kept in a variety of concrete shelters, as well as destroy runways, command posts, communications nodes and other fortified facilities. In the ...[+]

S-13, S-13T
The S-13 is intended to destroy aircraft in reinforced concrete shelters, as well as war materiel and manpower in hardened shelters. The S-13T is intended to destroy aircraft in different types of shelters, including reinforced ones, demolish runways and defeat command, control and communications posts and other objects. The S-13T rocket is developed from the S-13 to enhance its lethality owing to employment of two separable autonomous warheads: the first warhead is a penetrating type (analog of the S-13 rocket warhead), while the second one is a HE fragmentation warhead. Design solutions, used to develop the S-13T rocket, enabled the designers to increase the quantity of explosives to be delivered behind a barrier and ensure the optimal spread of warhead blasting zones behind the barrier that made it possible to sharply increase the effectiveness of the S-13T rocket compared with the S-13, maintaining its penetration capability. The S-13T rocket development is based on the modular principle, providing for the exclusion of the second warhead (second module) (in this case the S-13T turns into the S-13) or its replacement with another purpose warhead.
S-13 S-13T
Caliber, mm 122/90 122/90
Length, mm 2,540 3,100
Weight, kg:
rocket 57 75
warhead 21 21+16.3
explosive 1.82 1.8+2.7
Effectiveness penetrates 3 m penetrates 6 m
of earth and 1 m of earth and 1 m
of reinforced of reinforced
concrete concrete
runway demolition area, 20 m2
Firing range, m 1,100 - 3,000 1,100 - 4,000
Rocket velocity, m/s 650 500
Operating temperature range, oC 60 60

S-13-OF, S-13D, S-13DF
These rockets are intended to engage lightly armored, easily vulnerable materiel and manpower. The S-13-OF is a rocket with a HE fragmentation warhead with pref o r m e d d i a m o n d - shaped splinters. T h e w a r h e a d i s equipped with a tail fuze. To delay the fuze operation time, the warhead is fitted with an elongated noze cap. The S-13D is a rocket whose warhead is filled with fuel-air singleaction explosive mixture and fitted with a point contact fuze. The S-13DF is a rocket with an enhanced power warhead filled with fuelair explosive mixture. Unguided aircraft rocke t s a r e c l a s s i f i e d according to use as main and auxiliary (special).
S-13-OF S-13D S-13DF
Caliber, mm 122 122 120(Whd)/122
Length, mm 2,898 3,120 3,120
Weight, kg:
rocket 69 68 68
warhead 33 32 32
explosive 7 - -
mixture - 14.6 14.6
Effectiveness 450 fragments, TNT TNT
25 - 35 g each equivalent equivalent
35 - 40 kg up to 40 kg
Firing range, m 1,600 - 3,000 1,600 - 3,000 500 - 6,000
Rocket velocity, m/s 530 530 530
Operating temperature
range, oC 60 60 60





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